people take pictures of the summer, just in case someone thought they had missed it, and to proved that it really existed. // r. davies

for the next 93 days, (the length of time until the next equinox), there will not be one day that passes that i will not whinge at the first sight of the weather forecast.

i wouldn’t dare do it out loud, i’m not the most annoying person on earth – but inwardly, inwardly i will be a seething mass of hair that cannot contain its displeasure; soft folds of skin that beg for a cool october, a pleasant gust of november chill – and if all else fails me, the constant hum of A/C.

i read recently in the new york times and in the atlantic, that it’s not only the colder months that can skew your emotional state – summer, can also lead one into sadness and agitation; and it finally confirmed that in this at least, i was not going out of my mind. if there was any one word that better defined my demeanor when the temperatures rise above 22°C, agitated would be it.

steeped in this new info, the only thing i can do is fortify myself and take comfort in the fact that i am not on my own in this summer melancholy.

i can also take comfort in wearing nothing but muslin, and epoxy all exposed parts of me that shape-shift with the weather.

i wish you luck.














➝ source : ever-matte poreless priming perfector via becca

➝ source : 151 frequency dress via a.f. vandervorst

➝ source : double-strap espadrilles via proenza schouler

➝ source : frizz humidity shield via living proof



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