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“i wasn’t really naked. i simply didn’t have any clothes on.” // j. baker

as much as the thick summer heat has prompted daydreams of prancing naked through the sprinklers, i’m not sure my neighbours would appreciate my breezy spontaneity – nor would they welcome the view.

not a puritan, i’m just prone to wearing clothes because i like them – and because they obscure that which needs to be hidden – also, i just happen to think black flatters me more than wearing nothing but a smile; but that’s where going nude is most important.

if i’m showing any flesh, it’s a quick peak at the collarbone, or those provocative ankles of mine, but it’s my pout where i let it all hang out. it’s positively steamy how naked it gets all up in my face.

even when i look like i’m wearing nothing at all, i’m dressed to the nines with a nude lip.


charlottetilbury kevynaucoin mac

➝ source : the nude slip via sara happ

➝ source : hepburn honey via charlotte tilbury

➝ source : kevyn aucoin matte lip lip colour in enduring via spacenk

➝ source : sheen supreme lipstick in impressive via mac

“a round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. he must have time to modify his shape.” // m. twain

to be a square peg in a round hole.

it’s all gone pear shaped.

it’s a vicious circle.

it’s all been squared away, fair and square.

the thing i’ve always liked about words, is how very much they can contain within them, without having an ounce of mass. that they can anticipate so much, and divine the shape of things to come, only by the way in which you choose to use them. a word can change its shape, the meaning not always what it seems, and is rarely as simple as you might think them to be.

it’s why the shape of them doesn’t matter, the number of letters they contain won’t ever mean much; some of the weightiest words are the shortest in length. it’s the meaning you put inside them that gives them their meaning. it’s a little bit like your handbag – it’s not really the shape that gives it its meaning, but how you wear it and what’s inside.

buildingblock markcross marni mm6maisonmargiela

➝ source : cylinder sling via building block

➝ source : benchley saffiano via mark cross

➝ source : origami trunk drag-on clutch via marni

➝ source : denim shopping tote via MM6

“it ain’t the heat, it’s the humility.” // y. berra

it’s practically alanis-ironic how at the very peak of heat, there isn’t a crop top, a pair of cut-offs or diaphanous dungarees to be found. it’s nearing 102°F – and even thinking about a fur gilet or hooded cape seems closer to a cauchemar than something to covet.

for the past five days i have avoided endeavors that take me outside. i’ve walked the dog only in the shade, demanded that the A/C be set to 70° at all times, and though i might need to wear socks at night my feet are so cold, i’d rather be shivering mid-freeze than wake up in the middle of the night stuck to my pillow.

as of right now – there are 55 days until the start of autumn; and until then i’m keeping my options open – and if push comes to shove, i can wear the new fall arrivals to keep me warm inside while i’m hiding from the heat outside.





➝ source : sleeveless coat via rick owens drkshdw

➝ source : bird embroidered frill top via marni

➝ source : the fling mid-rise jeans via current/elliott

➝ source : marc jacobs ballerinas via shoescribe

“when i was a boy the dead sea was only sick.” // g. burns

whilst driving the moppet to camp the other morning, the roads were positively plagued by what may have very well been – the worst driver on earth.

no signals signaled, speed limits were viewed as suggestions only, lanes were to be crossed with nary a look in the rear and side views; and then the driver proceeded to follow so closely behind us as to become rather intimate with the contents of our trunk. needless to say, both the dog and the child were privy to the sort of language that is usually reserved for those mopping up the starboard side – and all pronouns used were rather gender specific – all venom was directed to that man driving the pickup.

i’m sure you’ve cottoned on, quicker than i had, that the he was a she, and all it came down to was a black truck and four blocks of absolutely appalling driving for there to be instant proof of an adam’s apple and bringing a magazine and spending thirty minutes in the bathroom.

how sexist, how gender specific; what bad form for a feminist to think a woman couldn’t drive a pick-up and be a menace to society and our streets. it was silly of me, to be sure – as bad driving aside, there are loads of things meant for the boys that are good, if not better for the girls… even for a girl like me.








➝ source : italian citrus edp via d.s. durga

➝ source : deep dive glycolic facial cleanser via jack black

➝ source : skull glass bead bracelet via paul smith

➝ source : franky noir fabric via jerome dreyfuss


July 27, 2015

“i can’t even remember when the seventies was.” // r. keane

though not old enough to have really lived through the debauch of the 70s; (i was just a young slip of a thing during the last few years of that tenner), i couldn’t quite manage escaping unscathed by that decade’s ochre-hued hands – worse than that, i also couldn’t manage getting out of wearing my brother’s old clothes.

what exactly was happening during that time that made corduroy so appealing? why did the advent of polyester bring with it such an array of frowzy patterns? and why, exactly, was brown deemed so very de rigueur?

i’d like to think it was a latent come-down, an obscene hangover — an after-effect of the swinging 60s. it’s the only explanation i can come up with – and yet, there’s not one reason i can come up with that justifies why these looks have come back… was there yet another revolution i wasn’t around for; and more importantly, why do i find myself attracted to both that brown leather skirt and absolutely enormous cape?







➝ source : feathered hat via saint laurent

➝ source : double-breasted cape coat via balmain

➝ source : n°21 striped sweater via farfetch

➝ source : leather a-line skirt via sea

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