“ANYTHING will burn with enough gasoline and dynamite.” // r.a. heinlein

in terms of the aesthetic, i believe there to be an element of the gleefully masochist amongst quite a few of us.

whether our tolerance for pain is high or relatively nigh – the idiom that speaks of feeling no pain, equals no gain, will ring true to many. why else would we RSVP days in advance for services with franken-names like chemical peel, dermabrasion, and infrared skin tightening?

these potions and procedures speak volumes about the lengths one will go to achieve perfectly clear, dorian-gray-skin-of-a-peach skin. if the burning sensation equals results – sign me up, i’m fine to substitute my knees sagging earthward, just as long as my crows-feet never land and my cheeks never droop – it’s a fair trade.algenistjuicebeauty





➝ source : genius ultimate anti-aging bi-phase peel via algenist

➝ source : green apple full strength peel via juice beauty

➝ source : retAsphere micro peel via kate somerville

➝ source : 40% triple acid peel via peter thomas roth


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