“music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” // v. hugo

if i were to believe in magic, if i thought there was something out there that egged us on, that gave us power; more than we were naturally gifted with – i would hazard that you’d find it somewhere in your favourite songs.

don’t take this to mean that what we wear falls short – what we choose to cover ourselves with has a power all its own. yet, i do think that if somewhere in your not-so distant past, you found yourself clinging to certain melodies, repeating lyrics as meditations on calm to get you through your days; or hot summer nights you found yourself rolling down the windows in your first, battered and bruised car; taking night drives with the volume turned up to ten – you’ll find the DNA of those songs somewhere in the threads and seams of clothes you wear.  it’s almost impossible to not listen when something speaks to you – speaks to the very heart of you.

is it any surprise that what i wear carries with it elements of all those who sang the songs that to me, felt like magic?





depeche mode // blur // elastica // the smiths


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