“i always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.” // t.f. bakker

lean in a bit closer, i have something important to talk to you about.

come on now, i won’t bite and i’ve just had a mint. 

okay – ready? i’ve been thinking a lot lately about wearing a midi skirt. i know, it’s pretty serious.

i don’t know how or when this development arose, but i do know that never before in my life has a thing such as this been any sort of want.

no use for top to toe black? my legs will be free to feel the breeze? these white shins could glimpse sunlight for the first time in at least a decade? i’ll have to opt for cycling shorts in-case of being caught in a marilyn moment – but then, oh! the freedom! perhaps i’ll twirl a bit and make like i’m on the top of a mountain in salzburg – a nun carried away by the sound of music.

sorry. what was i saying? oh, right – midi skirts. i think i want one.








➝ source : draped midi skirt via dkny

➝ source : n°21 polka dot midi skit via farfetch

➝ source : palid skirt via avelon

➝ source : jupe cube embroidered feather skirt via feathers


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