“all children, except one, grow up.” // j.m. barrie

it’s not a complete fib when i say i don’t mind getting older.

i understand that what it comes down to – the nitty gritty of it all, is that it’s how you feel as opposed to how high the number climbs. it’s just that the number happens to be the only tangible part of this whole exercise. nevermind fine-lines or forgetting where the keys are.

though there are times when i feel as though everyone else my age is an actual adult – and i, whilst sniggering in the corner, is just in disguise. it’s the idea of dressing for one’s age that gives me the willies – not because i detest the stereotype of mum-jeans and sweater sets, but mostly because i believe it’s a rather archaic notion.

i can’t deny that like a little lost boy, i have a penchant for peter pan (collars) and all that might be kawaii; but getting older isn’t so bad. i mean, my kid can’t have froot loops for dinner, but i can — i’m a grown-up.








➝ source : lamé & brocade cape via a.w.a.k.e.

➝ source : peter pan collar dress via peter jensen

➝ source : comme des garçons girl gingham dress via farfetch

➝ source : 08sircus peter pan collar coat via barney’s


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