July 9, 2015

“beauty is a cheap word, but beauty remains priceless.” // d. stojanović

my husband and i have been, for almost twelve years now, needling each other, (affectionately?), over the fact that we are are two of the most shockingly talented pair on being able to zero in on, (and fall in love with), the most expensive items in a store.

his laser-focus is predominantly aimed at jackets – the fact that they all seem to look the same to me, is a discussion for another day, (hi, babe!) – and i’m all over the map – usually concentrating my expertise on leather goods and shapeless frocks. never mention interiors and or my accessories, (or my dislike of cooking over the last couple of years), and you’ll understand, that like most couples – in love and marriage, we all have our foibles.

don’t get me wrong – we love a little bit on the cheap. in fact, i’d say it’s those little things we end up with that make us as happy, if not happier, than big ticket items with meter-long receipts.







things to love, all under $50 :

➝ source : dr. jart clearing solution micro-fibre mask sheet via sephora

➝ source : colouring as therapy poster via the school of life

➝ source : kiyoko lip balm via bibelot & token

➝ source : seriously tee via alphonnsine

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