“if you want to have clean ideas, change them as often as your shirt.” // f. picabia

 i always wanted to be that girl, the one who rolled out of bed, late on a sunday morning, slipped on her S.O.’s jeans to run down to the corner shop to pick up coffee, bagels and the weekend newspaper; i’d read the style section, he’d read the sports. because that’s how life works, as far as re-watched rom-sit-coms on netflix have reminded me.

when life isn’t quite stage-perfect, it’s probably because my womanly hips don’t allow access to those boyfriend jeans and because well, how many preternaturally gorgeous size-twos with high-paying jobs that don’t expect employees to show up on the daily do you know of?

what i can do, as i’m nothing if not pragmatic, is wrap myself in an oversized button-down, (his or mine, doesn’t matter), and plonk myself on the couch, eating slice after slice of toast whilst watching arrested development – that’s more realistic anyway.





➝ source : sportmax curvone shirt via matches

➝ source : striped button-down (they aver that this is a maternity shirt – don’t even think about it) via topshop

➝ source : big dot shirt via mih jeans

➝ source : sheer blouse via sessùn


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