“a round man cannot be expected to fit in a square hole right away. he must have time to modify his shape.” // m. twain

to be a square peg in a round hole.

it’s all gone pear shaped.

it’s a vicious circle.

it’s all been squared away, fair and square.

the thing i’ve always liked about words, is how very much they can contain within them, without having an ounce of mass. that they can anticipate so much, and divine the shape of things to come, only by the way in which you choose to use them. a word can change its shape, the meaning not always what it seems, and is rarely as simple as you might think them to be.

it’s why the shape of them doesn’t matter, the number of letters they contain won’t ever mean much; some of the weightiest words are the shortest in length. it’s the meaning you put inside them that gives them their meaning. it’s a little bit like your handbag – it’s not really the shape that gives it its meaning, but how you wear it and what’s inside.

buildingblock markcross marni mm6maisonmargiela

➝ source : cylinder sling via building block

➝ source : benchley saffiano via mark cross

➝ source : origami trunk drag-on clutch via marni

➝ source : denim shopping tote via MM6


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