July 3, 2015

“i have often wanted to drown my troubles, but i can’t get my wife to go swimming.” // j. carter

it’s strange, this tentative relationship i have with the water.

i love it, but from a distance. i find it astonishing, but have absolutely no need to be a part of it. i could happily be beside it, near it, or better yet – look at it through a picture window, but i don’t want to get in it. i feel my very insignificance confronted with all that blue beneath me, and all that blue sky above me.

there’s too much muchness – and it all becomes a bit heady, and i’m afraid i’ll lose my breath — and well, breathing becomes rather difficult when surrounded with that much water.

so, if the closest i can get to a body of water, (that isn’t my bath-tub), is the local pool – i think i’ll make my acquaintance with the biddies at the Y, and try my hand at aqua-fit. i think i’ll fit right in.






➝ source : poppy maillot in flamingo print via solid & striped

➝ source : electrolight reversible swimsuit via mara hoffman

➝ source : cloudbreak one-piece via made by dawn

➝ source : the farrah neoprene swimsuit via lisa marie fernandez


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