August 12, 2015

“there are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them.” // l. welk

it was as if yesterday had its intentions set from the start. instead of taco-tuesday, the portion past noon turned out to be what i would later defend as the most terrifyingly agitated tuesday committed to memory in rather a long time.

it was nothing that would prove useful to bore you with, just the usual mundanities of life taking on their worst traits and trying their absolute best to see how vexing they could be. and trust, the limits were set on high. and so, by the time i had finished my daily hustle, made sure the kid was fed, washed and put to bed, by the time the dog had flipped his bowl over in demand of fresh water for the thirteenth time, and by the time i had eaten what my daughter had not for dinner – all i wanted for was to be able to wrap myself up in the largest knit known to man, and hideout in my very own pillow fort — wherein in an icy cocktail would join me, and a NO TRESPASSING sign would be affixed to the outside.




➝ source : lang cardy via hope

➝ source : chalayan merino/cashmere sweater via net-a-porter

➝ source : colour-block tunic via edun

➝ source : alan mohair cape via acne studios


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