“i know nothing, because i know too much, and understand not nearly enough and never will.” // a. rice

i couldn’t say, with much confidence, that i’m considered the curious sort.

i don’t believe myself to be a know-it-all, a wise-ass, (or aleck, for that matter), but i do have this habit – this insatiable want; that if there’s something that has sparked my interest, whether it be intellectual, superficial, even utterly superfluous, i’m going to need to find out as much about it as i possibly can. see, there is a reason that each of these daily cogitations begins with a link to wikipedia – there was something that i needed to find out.

and so, when it seems there couldn’t be anymore one could possibly blather on about an eyeliner, the hem of a skirt, the sparkle of a gem, that creeper or monk boot, or the finish of your favourite nude lip, (and other, more heady topics) – that’s when i’ll fall down the rabbit-hole and find all the things i never knew existed; and that’s how you end up finding them here – because i didn’t know, and had to learn more.





➝ source : l’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A perfume by a lab on fire via lucky scent

➝ source : cleanse via lauren napier

➝ source : retexturizing night cream via january labs

➝ source : ginsberg is god candle via bella freud


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