“there are charms made only for distant admiration.” // s. johnson

my collection of trinkets, my baubles and bracelets, the stacks of bangles, the strands of chains, the pendants and lockets; they don’t add up to very much. though the affection i feel toward my vast collection of tat is inestimable, it’s worth, in weight of gold – is negligible.

though i have amassed a few dots of diamonds, a bit of blue in a sapphire and more than anything, a coterie of green gems – a tourmaline or two, and a small clique of emeralds – (the predictable delight of being born in may), i cannot boast that i’m staring at a sky of sparklers when i’m rifling through my jewelry box.

this is not meant as a whinge or a passive-aggressive hint – it’s only happened that in the last few years that i’ve come to appreciate the significance of these little crumbs of stars falling onto fingers, collarbones and wrists – and i’m just slowly coming around to finding out what it is that i like.

until i do, i’ll admire from a distance – but be sure, i feel like i’m zeroing in on those little somethings that are meant to be mine.





oh, wait. i think i’ve cottoned on to a theme…

➝ source : palette pendant via CVC stones

➝ source : vega bleu diamond & sapphire ring via spinelli kilcollin

➝ source : yossi harari pavé round lace earrings via twist

➝ source : handcuff bangle with black diamonds via lynn ban


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