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August 24, 2015

“of all the things a body loves, predictability is one of them.” // d. agus

there are those inevitable moments in every relationship and predominantly those that lean romantic, when it’ll become clear that things may have become a wee bit predictable.

it’s no cause for alarm and there’s no need to rush out to agent provocateur — there are just so many conversations, so many looks across crowded rooms; and so many in-jokes that a couple can circumnavigate after more than a decade together, (and fumbling head-long into their second). it’s nigh impossible to keep someone on their toes at all times, you’d need to sleep for days for the energy it would necessitate; and so sometimes – repeating an anecdote, a joke or let’s be perfectly honest; sitting on the sofa, sans witty banter, will sometimes be, very much enough.

the fact of the matter is, if you feel as if any part of your life is stuck in a rut, chances are it’s got nothing to do with whomever you share your toothpaste with; but will bubble and foment somewhere in you first, (i’d aver somewhere in between your hypothalamus and your liver).

i am so predictable that i can time the creep of the late summer light-blues – i get them every year –  and all i need is a quick september to shake me out of it. it’s a good thing that autumn boasts a new start, new ideas, a certain comfort in predictable routines – and much less time to sit around contemplating my navel. a sure-fire way to ignite a little fire under my arse too, is a few new looks; however, predictably – striped.






➝ source : charter combo dress via veronica beard

➝ source : striped bucket bag via proenza schouler

➝ source : edith a. miller mounia crop shell via bona drag

➝ source : striped detail pleated skirt via y-3


August 21, 2015

“appearances are often deceiving.” // aesop

my eyesight’s been hazy since the eighth grade.

we used to have yearly checks done in school – thinking back on it, i’m not sure if these were optometry specialists, or just some randoms fetched off the street, given large paddled spoons and barked at us to read the letters on the board in front of us. it didn’t matter whether they knew what they were doing – at that point, i knew.

it seemed odd that so many 14 year-olds had such lovely, alabaster skin – when i looked closer in the mirror, mine was decidedly less milky and infinitely more… yayoi kusama-y. how was it that jenn from geometry didn’t wave back when i caught her down the hall? oh right, it’s because it wasn’t her – and i was flapping about like a twit at some indiscriminate, post-pubescent victim who was obviously way cooler than i was. good times.

i hated the small deceptions my eyes told – it demanded the wearing of glasses and the poking myself in the eye with contacts daily. it’s a fact of my life now – but when i can see clearly, it’s the tiniest of revelations when i think i’ve seen something – a pattern, a fold, the curve of a hem, a shoulder that seems to expand with a breath taken… and then realize, no – it was just my eyes playing tricks on me again.ksubi




➝ source : skeleton frame sunnies via ksubi

➝ source : mini alice via jump from paper

➝ source : vintage moschino via 1stdibs

➝ source : trompe l’oeil intarsia light wool knit dress via sonia rykiel


“there are charms made only for distant admiration.” // s. johnson

my collection of trinkets, my baubles and bracelets, the stacks of bangles, the strands of chains, the pendants and lockets; they don’t add up to very much. though the affection i feel toward my vast collection of tat is inestimable, it’s worth, in weight of gold – is negligible.

though i have amassed a few dots of diamonds, a bit of blue in a sapphire and more than anything, a coterie of green gems – a tourmaline or two, and a small clique of emeralds – (the predictable delight of being born in may), i cannot boast that i’m staring at a sky of sparklers when i’m rifling through my jewelry box.

this is not meant as a whinge or a passive-aggressive hint – it’s only happened that in the last few years that i’ve come to appreciate the significance of these little crumbs of stars falling onto fingers, collarbones and wrists – and i’m just slowly coming around to finding out what it is that i like.

until i do, i’ll admire from a distance – but be sure, i feel like i’m zeroing in on those little somethings that are meant to be mine.





oh, wait. i think i’ve cottoned on to a theme…

➝ source : palette pendant via CVC stones

➝ source : vega bleu diamond & sapphire ring via spinelli kilcollin

➝ source : yossi harari pavé round lace earrings via twist

➝ source : handcuff bangle with black diamonds via lynn ban

“i know nothing, because i know too much, and understand not nearly enough and never will.” // a. rice

i couldn’t say, with much confidence, that i’m considered the curious sort.

i don’t believe myself to be a know-it-all, a wise-ass, (or aleck, for that matter), but i do have this habit – this insatiable want; that if there’s something that has sparked my interest, whether it be intellectual, superficial, even utterly superfluous, i’m going to need to find out as much about it as i possibly can. see, there is a reason that each of these daily cogitations begins with a link to wikipedia – there was something that i needed to find out.

and so, when it seems there couldn’t be anymore one could possibly blather on about an eyeliner, the hem of a skirt, the sparkle of a gem, that creeper or monk boot, or the finish of your favourite nude lip, (and other, more heady topics) – that’s when i’ll fall down the rabbit-hole and find all the things i never knew existed; and that’s how you end up finding them here – because i didn’t know, and had to learn more.





➝ source : l’Anonyme ou OP-1475-A perfume by a lab on fire via lucky scent

➝ source : cleanse via lauren napier

➝ source : retexturizing night cream via january labs

➝ source : ginsberg is god candle via bella freud

“someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” // w. buffett

it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it’s only now, at the very tail-end of the season that i’ve taken notice of what seems to be one of this summer’s newest wrinkles.

and really, it’s only because that this latest heat-wave has reminded me that it’s probably one of the last in the stretch of these dog days of summer – and that i needed to find some small bit of a reprieve under the shade of one of our leafy trees at the park across the street. of course, i hail from the great white north – and though a palm frond would be easier and more at hand to locate than an igloo, i’d aver that opting to wear one is rather simpler – and then at least, i’d have the option of wearing one with a sweater in october, than swelter under the shade of one in august.





➝ source : frond choker via eddie borgo

➝ source : tanya taylor frankie dress via moda operandi

➝ source : dune jumper via rag & bone

➝ source : frond print dress via msgm

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