“in this world only the paranoid survive.” // d. koontz

there are many aspects of my character that i’d rather love to leave by the wayside – casually strewn out the window like those countless ends of cigarettes i used to chuck out the window of my 1982 volvo sedan all those years (x infinity) ago. though i’ve kicked the habit, shaking off one’s idiosyncrasies is rather harder to do than taylor swift would have you believe.

there is the resolute obstinance, the constant, (yet winning and amusing!) self-deprecation, the occasional bleeding-heart-over-sensitivity, and my overwhelming lack of enthusiasm for physical activity has left me with an ass that deserves the aspersions  occasionally cast in its general direction.

and yet – i don’t think i’ve ever been inclined to paranoia – i never really feel like i’m the enemy, or that someone has been lurking in the foliage ready to harm me, and yet – there are moments lately where i’ve felt like i’m being studied, as if i’m being surveilled – just like somebody’s watching me.

i’m sure it’s nothing, i’m sure the reason is just staring me right in the face…fendileclaireur




➝ source : bag bugs backpack via fendi

➝ source : l’eclaireur eye scarf via farfetch

➝ source : embroidered eye sweatshirt via peter jensen

➝ source : frenchie coat via shrimps


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