August 10, 2015

“art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.” // a.n. whitehead

chances are rather high that should you scan the archives of this never-ending blitz of words and hyperbole, the probability of finding more than a handful of patterned frocks and the like, would be rather slim.

on one hand, they positively thrill me.

like personally curated showrooms that exhibit your innermost confidences – putting on a pattern is akin to affixing a billboard to your spirit. it verily shouts – “look at me!” and people have no choice but to do it.

and that right there is the other hand.

i’d rather speak quietly, or better yet – pass you a note should i want a little bit of your attention. my billboards are closer in size and in tenor to the small rhodia notebook i carry in my bag – and that’s not because i’m not something you should look at, i’d just rather be heard, so to speak.

so instead – i’ll gaze adoringly on those who can carry off wearing a piece of art and command a view, in lieu of being one of those people who wax lyrical about them.











➝ source : flames & stars tunic dress via marco bologna

➝ source : msgm mechanic flower print jumpsuit via farfetch

➝ source : geometric print foldover dress via zero + maria cornejo

➝ source : collage print dress via kenzo


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