August 24, 2015

“of all the things a body loves, predictability is one of them.” // d. agus

there are those inevitable moments in every relationship and predominantly those that lean romantic, when it’ll become clear that things may have become a wee bit predictable.

it’s no cause for alarm and there’s no need to rush out to agent provocateur — there are just so many conversations, so many looks across crowded rooms; and so many in-jokes that a couple can circumnavigate after more than a decade together, (and fumbling head-long into their second). it’s nigh impossible to keep someone on their toes at all times, you’d need to sleep for days for the energy it would necessitate; and so sometimes – repeating an anecdote, a joke or let’s be perfectly honest; sitting on the sofa, sans witty banter, will sometimes be, very much enough.

the fact of the matter is, if you feel as if any part of your life is stuck in a rut, chances are it’s got nothing to do with whomever you share your toothpaste with; but will bubble and foment somewhere in you first, (i’d aver somewhere in between your hypothalamus and your liver).

i am so predictable that i can time the creep of the late summer light-blues – i get them every year –  and all i need is a quick september to shake me out of it. it’s a good thing that autumn boasts a new start, new ideas, a certain comfort in predictable routines – and much less time to sit around contemplating my navel. a sure-fire way to ignite a little fire under my arse too, is a few new looks; however, predictably – striped.






➝ source : charter combo dress via veronica beard

➝ source : striped bucket bag via proenza schouler

➝ source : edith a. miller mounia crop shell via bona drag

➝ source : striped detail pleated skirt via y-3


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