“if you’re going to do something tonight that you’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late.” // h. youngman

in my twenty-first year i found myself flailing in the slowest sinking bit of quicksand – a bout of insomnia that lasted roughly 18 months or so.

i won’t belabor the point – but i will say that the only benefit of not being able to fall asleep until the sun rises is that when you’re that young, you don’t pay the price with your looks. you can splash a bit of cold water on your face, curl your lashes, down a strong cup of coffee – and like magic, you’re able to make others believe that you’re both well-rested and well-adjusted.

in these, my belated 30s, it’s not that easy. if i don’t sleep, there’s nothing that’s going to help me other than putting in a solid twelve hour nap. since there’s no chance of that happening, the best i can do on a night that offers me no respite, is at least let my skin have a chance to recoup some benefit from the dark and silence – ignoring my constant inner monologue, of course – that can get LOUD – no wonder i have trouble sleeping…







➝ source : regeneration cream line f via susanne kaufmann

➝ source : no wrinkles tired eyes via this works

➝ source : night cream via verso

➝ source : clarifying colloidal sulfur mask via dr. dennis gross


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