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“the sun did not shine. it was too wet to play. so we sat in the house. all that cold, cold, wet day.” // dr. seuss

the day – yesterday, it matched my mood.

it was grey, dull, and decidedly grim – i was holding it together, by a thread – up until i found myself waiting, in a blustery rain outside a locked door, waiting on someone, anyone on the other side to notice my truculent yet rather impressive passive-aggression.

the fuming, it was innate, but robust – the inner monologue that played through my head was explicit both in language and in tenor.

it was then and there that i decided that a proper raincoat was not just a nicety but a necessity. of course, an umbrella would have absolutely done the trick – but, as i stood there becoming an oil slick of hair – the thinking on a mac was the only way i was going to be able to talk myself down from the day i was having.




➝ source : norwegian rain ‘raincho’ raincoat via farfetch

➝ source : washington unisex parka via terra nyc

➝ source : öland rain cape via stutterheim*

➝ source : blue dot raincoat via gorman


“i need more frugality. i wonder where i can buy some.” // j. kintz

if you were interested in knowing the winningest combination in saving a few dimes here and there – it is to make for certain that your current financial sitch is so complicated you’ll have no energy to keep digging your wallet out of your bag.

my recipe for saving success?

  1. start a business
  2. move house
  3. have eyes so glazed over from staring at a computer screen, that even window-shopping is too much

truth be told, no new item of clothing has crossed the threshold of my doorway in months. my penchant for nude lips and lined eyes has become less about finding what’s new, and instead i’ve realized a scenario where i now understand the lyric of ‘loving the one you’re with’. i know sephora misses me, but, i’ll be back – i’ll need shampoo eventually and even i know my limits – i’ll break in time.

if i had my druthers and was forced to choose a small haul of items that were currently nagging my itchy-fingers, it would be these little pretties i’d want to take home with me:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.58.09 PM

binchotan drjart tataharper

➝ source : shaba complex eye serum via drunk elephant

➝ source : binchotan facial cleansing mask via rikumo

➝ source : dr. jart dermaclear trans-foam clay in green via sephora

➝ source : volumizing lip & cheek tint in very nice via tata harper

“you may have the universe if i may have italy” // g. verdi

so, i have a question.

in terms of those who enjoy the fashion, am i alone in the thought that milan is, very possibly, the best of the lot?

of course, each metropolis has its strengths: in need of everyday sportswear with a dash of weird? head to NYC. if it’s puffed-up colour, a bit of grit and eccentricity you’re in need of – do not pass go, head directly to london.

paris – i can’t deny it, is tailored, dramatic, and cigarette-smoke-filtered loveliness – you can’t turn your nose up at a city that can offer un grand crème and dries van noten in the same day. [he’s belgian, i know – but shows in paris, so, it works.]

but then, there’s milan.

what will you find there? colour, fine tailoring, prestige, and when you need it, (and i do), intense quirk.

you’ll also find, after all is said and done –  luini panzerotti, where if you can’t afford anything more than to look at the clothes, you can pick up two perfect cheesy pockets of wonder and everything else sort of fades away… except of course, for the memory of the wonderful clothes.


clockwise starting at top left :

marni // fendi // giamba // stella jean // prada

all photos via



September 25, 2015

“honor’s a good brooch to wear in a man’s hat at all times.” // b. jonson

i never worried about the slight pinholes that were made in the lapels of coats and upper lefts and rights of my knits and shirts. the dozens of brooches, clips, and enamel pins that i’ve collected over the last [ed: number of years omitted] years or so, have only served as small, shiny reminders of certain places, like the tiny antique glass brooch purchased on some small side-street in london when i was 19 – where my friend and i bartered bread rolls for harsh ukranian cigarettes from fellow hostel mates. the resin and wood set in a bright and glossy turquoise – a tiny dream come true (and too expensive by far), bought in the very first marni store i ever visited – in milan, on my honeymoon. then late last year, there was my very deep amusement in the $3 very well-spent on the ‘no new friends’ pin purchased gleefully from stay home club, which all my friends rolled their eyes at.

to be sure – my bracelets are worn with higher frequency and repetition, and i adore them, i do – but it’s not with them that i feel any part of my history – but those little stick-pins, and the marks they leave, i see them and i’m reminded of the hows and whens of the wheres and whys – they’re small little trinkets, but they keep a rather large space in my heart.





➝ source : torun for georg jensen via 1stdibs

➝ source : feelings enamel pin via adam jk

➝ source : runway hat pin via marni

➝ source : love brooch via saint laurent

“i never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleats: it was the girls i liked.” // d. bailey

there is a decided lack of tailoring in amongst the contents of my wardrobe.

there is not a piece to be considered bodycon, not one example of a garment cut on the bias, and there is nothing sharply bespoke or tailored in there. even any such blazers i own, are oversized and rather ovoid in shape. truth be told, in terms of geometry – the brunt of my clothes are rectangular in shape, with rounded corners. potato sacks in the form of frocks.

i don’t do well by austerity – rigid lines and constricting clasps, buttons and ties, make me fidget, pull and shift in my seat. so, i avoid contact, leaning instead on oversized, forgiving and soft. my hips appreciate it, but so does my peace of mind.

if there were to be some middle ground to be found, between the donning of a tarp and the confines of a bandage – it would hide within the creases of the magnanimous pleat – where else could one hide a multitude of sins, but rest assured that they would all be hidden therein?


l'agence missoni


➝ source : windparka dress via mary katrantzou x adidas originals

➝ source : l’agence floral embroidery pleated top via farfetch

➝ source : signature pleated zig zag skirt via missoni

➝ source : asymmetric pleated dress by issey miyake

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