“it’s all been satirized for your protection.”  // b. maher

a very interesting, (interesting to me at least), thought just dawned on me.

that being, that when the mercury rises and then subsequently lowers; the way one dresses, will convey their most intimately desired level of self-protection.

when the heat becomes cumbersome and glows red at the tippy-top of the thermometer – one will undress just up to that very point where they feel at their safest. baring midriffs, thighs and bare arms, oh my! isn’t always about those who can ‘afford to’, but to those who feel most comfortable doing so. under the aegis of what we wear or do not wear, we’re also declaring, to a certain extent, our degree of mettle.

where it becomes a bit more interesting, (again, to perhaps only me) – is that if you take one look at what has been suggested for when the temperature drops – that aforementioned mettle needs to be bolstered. it all looks like we need to prepare for battle; imbued with a drop of the medieval, burnished golds, gradients of blood red, fabrics as lustrous as swords.

these clothes look like they’re primed for conflict. against what? i’d aver a windchill.

it’s fine by me – this is perfect armor.







➝ source : spencer officer peak front jacket via saint laurent

➝ source : dondup metallic strip t-shirt via farfetch

➝ source : flared gradient skirt via sybilla

➝ source : winter show gold boots via stella mccartney


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