September 29, 2015

“i need more frugality. i wonder where i can buy some.” // j. kintz

if you were interested in knowing the winningest combination in saving a few dimes here and there – it is to make for certain that your current financial sitch is so complicated you’ll have no energy to keep digging your wallet out of your bag.

my recipe for saving success?

  1. start a business
  2. move house
  3. have eyes so glazed over from staring at a computer screen, that even window-shopping is too much

truth be told, no new item of clothing has crossed the threshold of my doorway in months. my penchant for nude lips and lined eyes has become less about finding what’s new, and instead i’ve realized a scenario where i now understand the lyric of ‘loving the one you’re with’. i know sephora misses me, but, i’ll be back – i’ll need shampoo eventually and even i know my limits – i’ll break in time.

if i had my druthers and was forced to choose a small haul of items that were currently nagging my itchy-fingers, it would be these little pretties i’d want to take home with me:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.58.09 PM

binchotan drjart tataharper

➝ source : shaba complex eye serum via drunk elephant

➝ source : binchotan facial cleansing mask via rikumo

➝ source : dr. jart dermaclear trans-foam clay in green via sephora

➝ source : volumizing lip & cheek tint in very nice via tata harper


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