September 23, 2015

“i find shopping too stressful. i get hot and flustered and irritated and feel sick after i’ve bought something. // a. goldfrapp

i don’t actually like to go shopping.

i don’t like the harsh lights of fitting rooms, i find them too warm, too cramped – and then i begin to sweat, get frustrated and then, how could anything possibly look good enough to buy? the sales-people are no better; unhelpful, rarely speak, and yet their unwavering glares speak volumes.

is it any wonder that roughly 97% of the items i’ve bought in the last decade have been purchased whilst sitting on the sofa, bra off/netflix on?

it’s also why i don’t find heading out on to the high-street very necessary, or compelling- the options online are, as you know, infinite. it’ll happen, on occasion, and i’m usually not swayed; but then, i’ll be caught off guard, surprise myself and walk out with a paper-bag filled with tissue, wondering how i ended up in an actual, bricks and mortar store, in the first place.

zaraforever21 freepeople


➝ source : triangular geometric earrings via zara

➝ source : loose knit oblong scarf via forever 21

➝ source : split turtleneck pullover via free people

➝ source : bouclé coat via h&m


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