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“i find shopping too stressful. i get hot and flustered and irritated and feel sick after i’ve bought something. // a. goldfrapp

i don’t actually like to go shopping.

i don’t like the harsh lights of fitting rooms, i find them too warm, too cramped – and then i begin to sweat, get frustrated and then, how could anything possibly look good enough to buy? the sales-people are no better; unhelpful, rarely speak, and yet their unwavering glares speak volumes.

is it any wonder that roughly 97% of the items i’ve bought in the last decade have been purchased whilst sitting on the sofa, bra off/netflix on?

it’s also why i don’t find heading out on to the high-street very necessary, or compelling- the options online are, as you know, infinite. it’ll happen, on occasion, and i’m usually not swayed; but then, i’ll be caught off guard, surprise myself and walk out with a paper-bag filled with tissue, wondering how i ended up in an actual, bricks and mortar store, in the first place.

zaraforever21 freepeople


➝ source : triangular geometric earrings via zara

➝ source : loose knit oblong scarf via forever 21

➝ source : split turtleneck pullover via free people

➝ source : bouclé coat via h&m

“he who would travel happily must travel light.” // a. de saint-exupéry

i don’t tend to pack light – not on holiday or on the daily.

the proof is in the pudding – if the pudding happens to be my right shoulder; the one that slopes at an angle, ironically making me thankful for straps on all sorts of bags and totes. it’s a downward cycle of buckets, satchels, and shoppers – in all sorts of colors, textiles and pockets – oh, the pockets. the ones i stuff to overflowing with flotsam and jetsam, balms and receipts, hairbands and sparkly clips, the ones that my daughter has grown weary of wearing, parking tickets from 2013; and random coins from countries i haven’t visited since at least 2007.

what can i say? i carry a lot of stuff, and maybe i should clean out my bags a bit more often?



➝ source : jennifer shoulder bag via tom ford

➝ source : plath printed matte satin & leather clutch via mcq

➝ source : devon shoulder bag in rifle green via boyy  [i need to make this mine.]

➝ source : raymond shoulder bag via jérôme dreyfuss

“it’s all been satirized for your protection.”  // b. maher

a very interesting, (interesting to me at least), thought just dawned on me.

that being, that when the mercury rises and then subsequently lowers; the way one dresses, will convey their most intimately desired level of self-protection.

when the heat becomes cumbersome and glows red at the tippy-top of the thermometer – one will undress just up to that very point where they feel at their safest. baring midriffs, thighs and bare arms, oh my! isn’t always about those who can ‘afford to’, but to those who feel most comfortable doing so. under the aegis of what we wear or do not wear, we’re also declaring, to a certain extent, our degree of mettle.

where it becomes a bit more interesting, (again, to perhaps only me) – is that if you take one look at what has been suggested for when the temperature drops – that aforementioned mettle needs to be bolstered. it all looks like we need to prepare for battle; imbued with a drop of the medieval, burnished golds, gradients of blood red, fabrics as lustrous as swords.

these clothes look like they’re primed for conflict. against what? i’d aver a windchill.

it’s fine by me – this is perfect armor.







➝ source : spencer officer peak front jacket via saint laurent

➝ source : dondup metallic strip t-shirt via farfetch

➝ source : flared gradient skirt via sybilla

➝ source : winter show gold boots via stella mccartney

“give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” // m. monroe

my plimsolls have been worn thin.

i purchase six pairs at the beginning of every season, and wear each one down to threads and uneven rubber soles and then – when the last pair has been worn down to the point of being embarrassing – i know the season is officially coming to its end; and now – well, the time is nigh.

it doesn’t make me sad – it doesn’t make me miss the sun setting late, or that hazy days are leading to crisp mornings; or that pretty soon i’ll need to trade in the bensimons and purchase my seasonal sextet of super-opaque black knit tights for the cooler, then colder months ahead – now, what shoes will i wear?

lautrechose markuslupfer



➝ source : satin wedges via l’autre chose

➝ source : suede & glitter ankle boots via markus lupfer

➝ source : python mary janes via miu miu

➝ source : faux-leather high-tops via rick owens drkshdw

let’s be honest – you know which of these i’ll be wearing, but i like to pretend sometimes.

“naked is the best disguise.” // j. winterson

if i kept true to myself, my very own version of nude would lean toward the rather pallid, a dull yellow with the faintest hint of bruise – and between you and me, that’s not a lip colour – that’s something you want to cover up with this year’s top rated concealer. (if you’re looking for a few options, i could let you in on a few of my favourites.)

the nude i covet, the sueded mauve that looks unlike any actual colour i’ve seen on any real life naked person, is the lip i’ve sought out for years now – it’s akin to my very own holy grail, (yes, i have two – this, and the liquid liner). now that i think about it, if i spent half as much time perfecting what i looked like – actually naked, as opposed to finding it, i’d just forego the lipstick all together.

oh, who am i kidding? no, i wouldn’t.


➝ source : lip parfait in amaretto swirl (girliest girly name… ever!) via laura mercier

➝ source : le rouge à porter in beige mousseline via givenchy beauty

➝ source : phyto lip-twist in nude via sisley paris

➝ source : sheen supreme in bare again via mac

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