September 25, 2015

“honor’s a good brooch to wear in a man’s hat at all times.” // b. jonson

i never worried about the slight pinholes that were made in the lapels of coats and upper lefts and rights of my knits and shirts. the dozens of brooches, clips, and enamel pins that i’ve collected over the last [ed: number of years omitted] years or so, have only served as small, shiny reminders of certain places, like the tiny antique glass brooch purchased on some small side-street in london when i was 19 – where my friend and i bartered bread rolls for harsh ukranian cigarettes from fellow hostel mates. the resin and wood set in a bright and glossy turquoise – a tiny dream come true (and too expensive by far), bought in the very first marni store i ever visited – in milan, on my honeymoon. then late last year, there was my very deep amusement in the $3 very well-spent on the ‘no new friends’ pin purchased gleefully from stay home club, which all my friends rolled their eyes at.

to be sure – my bracelets are worn with higher frequency and repetition, and i adore them, i do – but it’s not with them that i feel any part of my history – but those little stick-pins, and the marks they leave, i see them and i’m reminded of the hows and whens of the wheres and whys – they’re small little trinkets, but they keep a rather large space in my heart.





➝ source : torun for georg jensen via 1stdibs

➝ source : feelings enamel pin via adam jk

➝ source : runway hat pin via marni

➝ source : love brooch via saint laurent


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