“three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” // b. franklin

i have come to a realization – and that is, that i am fundamentally a snoop.

in any which way, and in any sort of style – i am on a need to know basis. whether semantics call it curious, analytical, or downright intrusive – i’d like to know, pretty much anything that you’d be willing share with me. that’s the caveat though – i’d like to know only so-much that you’re amenable to tell. sure – i’ll go through your bathroom cabinets given half the chance and a little more than four ounces of wine; but since i haven’t had more than a few sips of vino since late 2008, this event is unlikely to take place ever again.

this is why i can get behind a secret. i can endorse a little something not given away, kept hidden and under-wraps for as long as need be. i’m not adverse to saying things out loud in 140 characters, or posting photos of my morning coffee, slapping a filter on it and calling it my truth.

still, it’s kind of a thrill to keep a few things unseen – i mean, who knows what kind of weird underwear you’ve got under those plain, old jeans – and isn’t keeping that on the QT just a little bit of the fun?









➝ source : crochet lace long-line bra via fleur de mal

➝ source : luna seamless high-waist bikini via fortnight lingerie

➝ source : she’s leaving town romper via only hearts

➝ source : fern printed ballet crop via the upside


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