September 15, 2015

“style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn” // g. vidal

i’ve warbled on in this space, on and off, for roughly nine years now.

to put that into perspective, this never-ending online doodle has celebrated more anniversaries than my marriage has. this year would’ve gifted me pottery and IRL, we should have fêted the date with a little bit of bronze.

in that time, i’ve used A LOT of words, so many of a whole lot – that i think it’s all sorts of odd how you all don’t know that i can’t describe, in plain language, the sort of style i admire, about the things i find most stunning, in any sort of meaningful way. i can go on at length about how what you wear is a direct translation of how you feel; a sort of turning inside out of your heart and it turning into a frock – but not what sort of chic, modern, whimsical or how derivative of rei kawakubo it is.

i do know though – when i see it, i know it. i feel it. straight into my bones. and in the very long list of reasons why those little square #instagram photos, (not only square anymore, i suppose), have become the locus of inspiration, (or obsession) – it’s because the most stylish of us don’t tell us with words, they just plain show us.



left to right : elizabeth spiridakis olson // yasmin sewell // kate foley // jen gotch //

[all photos via the above IG accounts]



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