September 16, 2015

“as soon as one promises not to do something, it becomes the one thing above all others that one most wishes to do.” // g. heyer

oh, but i said to myself – that i wasn’t going to do this.

i figured that social media would’ve taken care of it for me, ad nauseam, then REPEAT X INFINITY, and so there’d be no need for me to even mention it. but here i am, breaking the very promise i made to myself. so, fine. nyfw is now – london, milan and then paris follows. it’s all happening and it’s all so very much with the it-girls and the clothes, and the runways, and all the parties – ughhhhhhhh.

it’s so exhausting and i’m just sitting here looking at it, or getting a cramp in my thumb from all the late-night scrolling instead of getting a solid six hours. i’m so bored. but oh, the clothes… they’re just so pretty and, well, i’m weak.


images courtesy of vogue

clockwise // from top left :

zero + maria cornejo // isa arfen // rodebjer // victoria beckham // vera wang


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