October 20, 2015

“the sharp thorn often produces delicate roses.” // ovid

i make good use of my hands.

i’m not delicate, precious or careful with them – they do the brunt of the heavy work from day to day, and for that i don’t begrudge the sturdy grasp they afford me.

they hold little-girl hands, open jars, type more words a day than spoken, cook dinners, get burned, scraped – cuticles peel and knuckles occasionally split once the weather cools. it’s all good – they do hard work and i repay them in the occasional pale blue manicure, (it’s usually onyx or midnight blue), and before bed i haphazardly apply some moisturizer and hope they’ll not show more wear in the morning. they’re boyish, fleshy and small – and i don’t mind a bit.

if i had a whisper of a lament – it’s only because the sweetest of rings, those that are most delicate – the smallest of bands and shiny bits of coloured glass; they’re just not for me, no matter how lovely they are…

satomikawakita scosha stvdiobrooklyn wwake

➝ source : diamond bridge ring via satomi kawakita

➝ source : bolt ring with diamonds via scosha

➝ source : fancy anni ring via stvdio brooklyn

➝ source : three-step ring via wwake


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