“we’ll always have paris.” // h. koch

keeping themselves until the end of all the fashion weeks, and finally putting paris to bed for some haricots verts, a gauloises to be enjoyed with a robust café – is pretty much the mic drop of the fashion world, isn’t it?

with a riot of colour, its a bon voyage and adieu, uncle karl will see you next time around with whatever iteration of chanel comes next. who knows where it’ll all go – considering teva-esque sandals, lit soles and hard-case luggage – it’s amusing to watch lagerfeld meld high kitsch with high class.

and then, there’s valentino.

prior to 2008 – it was too much red and impossibly big hair. it read dynasty – and of being stuck in 1987, roughly. now? it’s become the ideal. every season, i fall a little bit more in a bit of a sartorial, lusty haze.

okay, bye-bye now. i’m so tired of fashion shows.




chanel // valentino

images via vogue


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