October 15, 2015

“cultivated leisure is the aim of man.” // o. wilde

it started in earnest last night.

the five days of headaches before that didn’t count. i thought perhaps my prescription had changed, i thought i had spent too much time in front of screens, i thought – oh, you know, i’m just the headachey sort.

but then yesterday happened. i couldn’t shake that foggy head, not even with the two deeply-brewed glasses of iced coffee. not with a quick walk in a brisk wind, or the green juice i drank in one go.

by evening, i was queasy and slightly wan. i admitted it – the head cold cometh. so, with my first dose of sinus medication, i salute you, the wind that brings with it a wave of infection.

yet, i can see my way around a complaint – and when the pills kick in, i’ll just sit back, sip my cinnamon and ginger steeped tea (it’s just hot water), and think all about what a women of leisure would wear, instead of my ratty holed-up oversized tees and old-man socks.







➝ source : f.r.s. asteria pyjamas via farfetch

➝ source : terry jumpsuit via mara hoffman

➝ source : star intarsia cashmere robe via chinti & parker

➝ source : georgia kaftan via sleepy jones


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