“in seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.” // w. cronkite

to wax poetic for a moment, aren’t we, as people – all just rather tall tales with twofold sides?

i’d aver a few of us have a few more sides than two and within us all lies a sybil – variety is the spice of life, so the more the merrier, let’s invite all our cohorts along for the ride. it’ll be a gas.

the thing is – i’ve always felt that as hard as nails as i’d like to come across, the crepe-soled creepers and black all the way down to my sturdiest foundation garments – the skirts and dresses that i exclusively wear, give way to the truth – that i’m actually as soft as down – and it’s not even that hard to figure it out. it’s the flip of a coin, it’s jekyl and mr. hyde, it’s girlish mod on one side, and punk on the other.

it’s giambattista valli and haider ackermann.


top row // giambattista valli

bottom row // haider ackermann

photos via vogue


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