October 19, 2015

“elegance is innate. it has nothing to do with being well dressed. elegance is refusal.” // d. vreeland

whenever i’m invited to a fête, a do, a shindig or even a happening – i am struck by two things: a bit of giddiness to still be invited to anything where people expect to have a good time, and then – a palpable fear about what i’m going to wear.

though i’m rather staunch in my feelings on one’s appearance – and the do-what-you-want-ness of it all; i tend to get a bit wobbly in my steadfast notions that one can have their own version of what is acceptable, suitable and appropriate. i would like to look like some approximation of one, or all three of those adjectives – but then because i won’t get height with a heel, i shy away from colour – and am rather decked out only in that i take my occasional jewels out as opposed to my everyday tat and line both upper AND lower lash lines – i question whether my views are skewed.

and then i get to where i’m going and realize – everyone’s had the same thought – the only difference being is that their versions of what’s what is lined up to who they are – and we’re all just hanging for dear life to that do-what-you-want-ness of it all.


bibelot token x aweebit x louise kragh x petrol 2pearl ring




➝ source : 24/7 waterline eye pencil via urban decay

➝ source : louise kragh double pearl ring via bibelot & token

➝ source : alex perry flared textured dress via farfetch

➝ source : elyse shoes via stella mccartney


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