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November 30, 2015

“why don’t you get out of that wet coat and into a dry martini?”// r. benchley

it’s a literal wonder i’m able to type this without feeling any nettle.

there comes a time, no matter the creams, the balms, or lotions i slather; the gloves – both rubber and leather, worn to protect from scalding water or frosty air, there comes that moment when my hands stop whatever it was they were doing, and instead decide that that’s the day that knuckles will crack, cuticles will become a prickly nuisance and bound to be ripped off in a bout of aggravation. then, for the next four/five/six months that it will take to get to the other side of winter, my hands will be the very definition of fighting a losing battle.

this does not stop me of course, from continuing on with the effort.

though, a warning: don’t trust me with setting any tables, handling glasses of water, cups of coffee, anything slick at all – my hands are perilous with shea, coconut, and avocado.

davines laurenb tatcha


➝ source : OI hand balm via davines

➝ source : nail & cuticle balm via lauren b.

➝ source : soothing silk hand cream via tatcha

➝ source : intense youth complex via hand chemistry

“better days are coming. they are called saturday and sunday.” // unknown

it’s like i’ve never tgif’d before.

there is so much with the TGIF today that i’m amazed i’m able to focus on getting any work done at all.

the week has been chock-o-block of too much to do, coupled with having had not even close to enough sleep, with the added bonus of needing to take, at minimum, three extra-strength advil per day. so, if you’re wondering where i’m at, i think it’s well and clear; it’s been that kind of week.

you’d know it from one swift glance, you’d be able to tell in a snap. my hair is flat, my nails are peeling, my eyes are bloodshot, and i’ve got about as much vim and vigor in my cheeks as a pile of waterlogged branches. things are not looking peachy around here.

but i can get through one more day, i can fake it until tomorrow, when at least then, i can stay in bed… until 7.30am?

littlebarnapothecary Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 10.25.53 PM


Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.02.57 PM



➝ source : little barn apothecary bamboo + fresh mint clearing mist via bibelot & token

➝ source : aqua glow water colour blush via stila

➝ source : ambient lighting palette via hourglass

➝ source : lip color shine in bare via tom ford


November 26, 2015

“life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”// a. saunders

i have declared 2016 be the year i finally get the method of my madness organized.

to be neat is one thing – i can be, i have the ability to be; but to be organized is an entirely different, yet orderly, beast. on the surface of things it can seem that efficiency is ease, all thunderbirds are go – and they are, i can get things done, on time, and with much dependability.


don’t you dare rifle through my drawers.

it’s a nightmare in there – you won’t find whatever it is you’re looking for, i definitely can’t – and you might lose your hand in there as well.

so, 2016. we’re getting systemized. we’re getting organized. join me?



hobonichi blacklist



➝ source : basic planner via marjolein delhaas

➝ source : hobonichi techo via 1101

➝ source : blacklist 2016 diary via bibelot & token

➝ source : dotted b/w 2016 planner via kikki-k

“isn’t it awful that cold feet make for a cold imagination and that a pair of woolen socks induce good thoughts!” // f. grillparzer

as it approached 11pm the other night, (the hour that either propels me directly into bed, or compels me to throw caution to the wind and a solid 6 hours be damned); i hurriedly slipped into my dogged hightop vans, collared the dog – and out we went for a little business doing.

only when it was much too late to turn back – the odd 60/40/snow/rain mix was seeping into my unlaced trainers, mingling with now damp socks and increasingly frozen toes. the idiosyncrasies of winter sometimes catch me, and my feet, off guard. i’m forever concentrating on what’s on top, that i tend to leave what’s on the bottom out in the literal cold. it’s been years since i’ve worn appropriate footwear over the course of a winter – i have a feeling that i’ve cottoned on and in the nick of time – this time around.


hunter llbean


➝ source : urban hiker w/shearling via coach (coach?!)

➝ source : original quilted lace-ups via hunter

➝ source : bean boots, which, let’s be honest you won’t be able to get until sometime in 2019, via ll bean

➝ source : shearling-lined nubuck boots via miu miu (at $1700 they’re completely justifiable, right?)

“a wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. i think, i too, have known autumn too long.” // e.e. cummings

it feels as if as soon as the chill swept in, there was ushered in the sartorial equivalent of planting spring in cement.

i understand, it’s difficult to say goodbye, it’s hard to break course from sunshine and temps that keep us dressed in summer dresses and bare legs to nubby coats, woolen snoods that keep noses from icebergs, cashmere boy-shorts worn over cotton fleece tights, to socks over those, to mitts, to toques, to scarves, to… oh my.

i get it.

but think of the entrance you could make – layers for miles could unearth an eternal spring.

there’s no snow-cover, we’ve only had one day under 0°C, and most days are spent indoors. wear what you will; florals, bare legs, flats – no matter the weather, you can always wear something over/under.








➝ source : leather appliqué overcoat via delpozo

➝ source : embroidered check top via scanlon theodore

➝ source : fendi orchid print skirt via farfetch

➝ source : belgravia ballerinas via aquazzura

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