“when you give yourself, you receive more than you give.” // a. de saint-exupery

during a sunday morning marathon of stealing pillows and foot wrestling with the moppet and watching ASAPscience – a rather interesting topic came up; a rather well-timed discussion around this time of year that boasts only tinsel, red, and ho-ho-hos; and that is – is it better to give or receive?

granted, it’s a rather difficult notion to get on board with for a six-year old – why ever would she think it’s better to give – as when she’s in receipt, it’s pure joy, wonder and enthusiasm. as the giver in this scenario – of course, it’s glorious to have been the one to have been able to extend that moment of bliss to her – after all, it’s not what was given, but the spirit in which that most enormous box of lego was given.

and i’m not worried that she’ll cotton on to giving > receiving, as she’ll come by it naturally – as giving people gifts of any kind, (but mostly the just because kind), is one of my most favourite things to do.

yet – i won’t ever deny that being given the once-in-a-while, why-the-hell not gift is probably one of the most delightful feelings ever… because, really – why the hell not?





➝ source : iosseliani ‘all that jewels’ ring via farfetch

➝ source : charcoal + aloe face cleanser via little barn apothecary

➝ source : iphone case via poketo x casetify

➝ source : chevron wrap via voz


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