“between two evils, i always pick the one i never tried before.” // m. west

something is afoot.

it lies in wait and creeps quietly in the soundest of hours. it is more evil still – as i do not notice until after i’m midway through the folderol of my morning’s ablutions. as i can’t see a thing until my contacts are in, the torment that’s been patiently awaiting my response is noticed only when i feel the coast has become clear – i am awake, i am bathed, i am in the midst of the meditation on a new day – and lo, that rat bastard, the one that manages to make my skin akin to a patch-work quilt of scaly, blotchiness in one area, a buttery slip ‘n slide in another.


in the evenings i am safe in the knowledge that i’ve done all that i can to combat the plague of time and rightly flip the bird to all that my biology has a vice-like grip upon; and yet – i am roused by fear.

so, what are we to do?

the only thing we can do – persevere in the face of this ever-present, and persistent adversity.




➝ source : mega-mushroom skin relief via dr. weil for origins

➝ source : herbivore botanicals pink clay moisture mask via bibelot & token

➝ source : renew overnight oily moisturizer via skinceuticals

➝ source : signs eye mask via SK-II


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