November 10, 2015

“i fell off my pink cloud with a thud” // e. taylor

of all the things that i am; i am least of all, pink. that’s just what i am on the inside.

i poo-pooed the hue for years. turned up my nose, shook my head, snorted – loudly, obnoxiously.

i veered so far away from it, that when my daughter was born, whenever a gift was given with the colour tucked inside; i smiled, graciously accepted the token with appreciation, then passed it along to someone who would enjoy it more than i ever could or would.

and then, i think i softened. became a bit more chewy, and soft-centered, the smallest piece of bubble gum.

i began to see things through rose-tinted glasses – i’ve cushioned my disdain. i still won’t wear it, but i can’t deny – my view on pink has become rosier through the years.



spencervladimir sretsis



➝ source : roksanda loop knit coat via farfetch

➝ source : tonal gradient effect sweater via spencer vladimir

➝ source : faux fur skirt via stretsis

➝ source : daniela gregis ruched skirt sweater dress via ivo milan

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  • Ivo Milan Shop

    Wow! What a lovely surprise! Thank you Bianca for featuring us on your blog! We’d love that Daniela Gregis dress so much, for the lovely fabric and of course for bright pink colour…one of the most beautiful piece of the last A/W collection!
    Have a nice day!
    Francesca-IVO MILAN

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