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December 30, 2015

“to be an ideal guest, stay at home.” // e.w. howe

i’m not sure if i’ve rung in a new year wearing anything fancier than a pair of leggings and wireless bra since roughly 2008. truth be told, i wouldn’t have it any other way. tomorrow night though, much to my chagrin, we’re headed to quietly rattle in the new year with friends and their seven week-old baby. i may not put on proper foundation garments then either.

however you spend your 31st, let it be the cherry on top of your 2015 and the best start to your 2016. light & love to all – and see you next monday!


NYE studio 54 // todd papageorge // 1978


December 28, 2015

“the best is the enemy of good.” // voltaire

top ten lists are a bore.

barring books and film, beauty editors going on at length about the most-talked about products, the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the top of the heap – it all becomes a rather large let-down. either the lists read exactly the same; the lippies, balms, and lotions are all the same, they’re utterly uninteresting, or just don’t pique my superficial interests.

in the course of 365 days, of course, there are those items casually picked up in line waiting to buy the same shampoo i’ve used for years, the toner i bought because the one i’ve become accustomed to was sold out; and the eyeliner added to the umpteen other castaways, because there is no pen liner i won’t try. it’s written somewhere, a by-law that bianca must purchase every pen liner described as matte, long-wearing, and saturated in hue.

and yet, those items i did not have any intention of purchasing, those items i bought under duress, those items i bought – a few of them out of sheer boredom, because i was twenty minutes early for school pickup, because i needed a quick fix or a bit of cheering up; some of them have ended up on my personal best of 2015 – no matter how they ended up there in the first place.




➝ source : pretty easy liquid eyelining pen via clinique

➝ source : dermaclear micro water via dr.jart

➝ source : little barn apothecary charcoal + aloe face cleanser via bibelot & token

➝ source : foil frizz & static control spray via r + co


December 24, 2015

“let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die…” // corinthians

to you and yours, whatever you celebrate – whether it’s found under a tree left by a man in a red suit, or with feet up on the sofa with not much to do, but eat some chinese and watch a movie; along with everything and everyone else hopefully enjoying a few days off – i wish you the best time doing whatever you please.

me? i’ll be doing… not so much and doing it rather well. we’ll be back in a few days. enjoy!


Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.27.58 AM

illustration via gemma correll


“every woman should have a purse of her own.” // s.b. anthony

there’s always something to carry.

there are groceries to haul, the girl’s lunch to tote; my wallet is a continental – so named as it spans the distance of a small country within the one i currently reside; and that too, needs a hand.

i’m one of those – one of those who adds insult to injury you could say, wherein the bag i currently carry, acts as mother doll to a nesting set of matryoshkas. the contents then put into smaller versions of themselves – my bag is the very definition of meta. they reference each other, with a wink and a nod; a bag within a bag, within a bag. you go on and tell two friends and let’s see where this all ends up.

that’s why, whenever i take a shine for another – it’s not the more the merrier, but go big or go home.





➝ source : bianca crossbody bag via 3.1 philip lim

➝ source : roger mello print pvc bag via marni

➝ source : top handle tote via prada

➝ source : paco tote via jerome dreyfuss


December 21, 2015

“no matter how much we scorn it, kitsch is an integral part of the human condition.” // m. kundera

i’d hazard that i err on the side of kawaii as opposed to kitsch.

i’ll take cute over garish with a ratio of 3:1, but of course, there always exists an outlier in what one usually opts for. furs as big as sesame street monsters, luxe slippers that seem better suited to padding around the house, pajamas on the out, prints matched to a mustard yellow that could only make one refer to the sixties. fashion with a soupçon of tacky – something is definitely in the air.

it all looks rather swell, but decidedly all with a hint of bad taste.





all photos via vogue dot com

top to bottom: fendi // j.w. anderson // karen walker // rodebjer

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