January 6, 2016

“she said she was approaching forty, and i couldn’t help wondering from what direction.” // b. hope

it’s the dawning of a new age that has left me perplexed since roughly 2013. it’s not the idea of aging that bogs me down so much; though i could do without the daily morning trifecta of nominally achey back/dark shadows lurking beneath my eyes and the nagging reminder of this steadily declining mortal coil deep within my belly.

barring the existential, aging ain’t no thing but a number.

it’s even simpler to think that when you’re (absurdly) mistaken for 24 by a sales-clerk who probably just hit the age of majority. it was an exaggerated nicety to be sure, but i took it and put it away for safe keeping for another morning – when the thinky-thoughts don’t wash off as easily as they normally do during my morning shower.

but then, i’m easily led astray by more superficial thoughts. like, what am i wishing on for this lofty-numbered looming birthday? my mother offered to send me away – i didn’t bother to ask where, i just assumed she wanted to send me to some european sani-spa, where they’d plunge me in mud and make me drink the special waters. i’d take her up on it, but i think i’d rather it for sometime closer to my 60th, when both getting out of bed and sitting down to dinner is something that happens closer to the hour of 5.

no. this year is the year i think i’d like to add a little sparkle to my life – if only to replace the little bit i’ve lost from my eyes over the years…

nancynewberg rosamaria toddpownell

Tomasz Donocik

➝ source : double bangle in rose gold via nancy newberg

➝ source : rosa maria lydie ring via twist

➝ source : todd pownell inverted diamond crater solitare

➝ source : tomasz donocik black diamond bracelet via stone & strand


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