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“life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.” // c.f. gauss

valentino pre-fall 2016, presented without comment:

valentino prefall16

okay. one comment: resplendent.

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“winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” // s. lewis

the thing about winter is that wearing anything new would invariably go to waste.

it’s too cold to go out, and when you’re forced into the icebound wilderness you’re wrapped and wound in all the things that keep one warm. parkas, shawls, toques, (i’m canadian), gloves up to there; and then if it’s too bright out, a pair of sunglasses is the frozen cherry on top of that swirling mass of outerwear.

you wouldn’t know the difference if i was wearing my jams under that avalanche of synthetic down. even if i were, it would make things much simpler to shrug it all off when i get back inside and plonk myself on the sofa with a cup of hot-something and a pile of not-the-usual fashion stand mags.



humanbeing porter



➝ source : address magazine

➝ source : human being journal

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“and let’s be red with mirth.” // shakespeare

oh, the joy.

it’s not enough that i have to monitor my hairline for that halo of grey that creeps in every 42 days, my eyes for the landing of crows; and my chin for errant hairs that foretells a future that begs for the sweet release of eternal sleep, or barring that, an industrial strength laser at my bedside.

but now? now – i have to deal with the reality of a rosy glow amped up to 14 on the dial – a rosy glow that becomes electric light without any provocation and burns red with a fiery heat.

i didn’t need the derm to tell me that i had rosacea, i just wanted some small bit of justification for the products that i had already begun to use; those in tandem with the regimen that had previously taken me roughly 10 years to perfect.

oh, i can tell that the next phase of life is going to be a gas. strap yourselves in, kids – it’s going to get bumpy.

kate somerville peter thomas roth skinceuticals

first aid beauty

➝ source : exfolikate cleanser via kate somerville

➝ source : un-wrinkle peel pads via peter thomas roth

➝ source : epidermal repair via skinceuticals

➝ source : ultra repair liquid recovery via first aid beauty


January 6, 2016

“she said she was approaching forty, and i couldn’t help wondering from what direction.” // b. hope

it’s the dawning of a new age that has left me perplexed since roughly 2013. it’s not the idea of aging that bogs me down so much; though i could do without the daily morning trifecta of nominally achey back/dark shadows lurking beneath my eyes and the nagging reminder of this steadily declining mortal coil deep within my belly.

barring the existential, aging ain’t no thing but a number.

it’s even simpler to think that when you’re (absurdly) mistaken for 24 by a sales-clerk who probably just hit the age of majority. it was an exaggerated nicety to be sure, but i took it and put it away for safe keeping for another morning – when the thinky-thoughts don’t wash off as easily as they normally do during my morning shower.

but then, i’m easily led astray by more superficial thoughts. like, what am i wishing on for this lofty-numbered looming birthday? my mother offered to send me away – i didn’t bother to ask where, i just assumed she wanted to send me to some european sani-spa, where they’d plunge me in mud and make me drink the special waters. i’d take her up on it, but i think i’d rather it for sometime closer to my 60th, when both getting out of bed and sitting down to dinner is something that happens closer to the hour of 5.

no. this year is the year i think i’d like to add a little sparkle to my life – if only to replace the little bit i’ve lost from my eyes over the years…

nancynewberg rosamaria toddpownell

Tomasz Donocik

➝ source : double bangle in rose gold via nancy newberg

➝ source : rosa maria lydie ring via twist

➝ source : todd pownell inverted diamond crater solitare

➝ source : tomasz donocik black diamond bracelet via stone & strand


January 5, 2016

“am i sleeping? have i slept at all?”// c.palahniuk

lying in bed the other night, the one when i decided that finding myself inside of it at 10pm would prove both beneficial and prudent, considering it was back to life, back to reality –  and then realized at roughly 3am that sleep had flipped me the most resounding bird; sleep had left the building.

there wasn’t much else to do, but stare at my phone screen looking for some sort of solace, then stare out the window and confuse the skyscraper lights for stars; considering my poor eyesight, those skyscraper stars were probably just antenna lights – whichever they were – i much prefer my sleepy visions of the cosmos over my sleepless-in-the-city reality.






➝ source : star age collar via pamela love

➝ source : sequin star poncho via saint laurent

➝ source : msgm sequined star skirt via farfetch

➝ source : super star sneakers via golden goose


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