January 13, 2016

“winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” // s. lewis

the thing about winter is that wearing anything new would invariably go to waste.

it’s too cold to go out, and when you’re forced into the icebound wilderness you’re wrapped and wound in all the things that keep one warm. parkas, shawls, toques, (i’m canadian), gloves up to there; and then if it’s too bright out, a pair of sunglasses is the frozen cherry on top of that swirling mass of outerwear.

you wouldn’t know the difference if i was wearing my jams under that avalanche of synthetic down. even if i were, it would make things much simpler to shrug it all off when i get back inside and plonk myself on the sofa with a cup of hot-something and a pile of not-the-usual fashion stand mags.



humanbeing porter



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