November 13, 2015

“better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” // g.b. shaw

going all natural wasn’t a choice – it was just a matter of time.

and to be honest, i’m not all the way there, and i’m not sure if i ever will be.

i like whatever it is that’s in my hair products that makes my hair matte and piece-y, i enjoy whatever terribleness is in the polish i wear that makes it stick for almost two weeks at a go, though i don’t enjoy the acetone that burns it, and a layer off of my paper-thin nails.

it’s just that in certain areas – say, the lion’s share of skin on my frame, it’s either that the clean options for getting washed have outnumbered the dirty ones; or perhaps i’m just starting to take better care of myself. granted, i ate a twix bar for dinner the other night, but you have to start somewhere.





➝ source : palmarose + aloe face wash via earth tu face

➝ source : swiss apple facial serum via indie lee

➝ source : rose hibiscus coconut water by herbivore botanicals 

➝ source : get happy body wash via plant apothecary

“i think people make their own faces, as they grow.” // e. blyton

i don’t try and seek out my reflection – truth be told, i sometimes shrink away from it.

it’s just always there. i catch myself in shop windows, in the mirror of our hallway mantle, and in the door of my fridge; a gentle reminder that perhaps i should forget about the ice cream that resides inside of it.

removed from vanity, i think looking at yourself is a somewhat inherent habit. i think it comes down to curiosity – one that comes in the shape of a body – in the way our noses scrunch, our smiles are crooked and our eyes are uneven. it’s an experience that travels in tandem with living a life – figuring out who we are, and what that might look like to others.

if we weren’t such nerds about the human condition, why would we keep surrounding ourselves with things that remind us of what we look like – we’re not that self-absorbed, are we?


Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.13.49 AM


➝ source : studio arhoj sing pots via goodhood

➝ source : more pig snout than person, APR design studio oink piggy bank via gessato

➝ source : black skull votive via the minimalist

➝ source : small big/mouth plate via bailey doesn’t bark

“organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” // a.a. milne

there lies a streak in me, one that feels compelled to make magazines align themselves at a 90° angle, perfectly stacked, spines straight.

a band of discord that makes it impossible for me to walk past a kitchen sink with an unwashed glass still in it; there will be soap, there will be clean glassware. there is a vein that runs through me that demands an impression of organization, so that there is at least, a modicum of methodology running amongst the tumult – the opposing side of me that procrastinates, that collects, and neglects order in favour of sentimentality.

i’m a very complicated lass, (but aren’t we all?)

so, for those moments when order wins the battle, at least a bit of fetching frippery can make the existential angst worth it.




➝ source : fierzo desk tray via alessi

➝ source : city sunday magazine rack via minus tio

➝ source : nest office caddy by umbra shift via a + r store

➝ source : another desktop series via another country

“the difference between utility and utility plus beauty is the difference between telephone wires and the spider web.” // e.w. teale

it never really occurred to me that my wheelhouse met precisely in the middle between form and function.

i suppose i understood what my eye liked, but it wasn’t until recently that i understood how it made me feel. it’s a certain simplicity i’m aiming for – white wood, straight lines, graphic monochromes, airy wire in unexpected and day-glo hues.

i mean, who knew one could feel so passionately about a bright yellow, wire basket? like, it makes my heart smile. it’s why i say i’m a simple girl with simple tastes – the chairs i’d like to rest my arse on might hover around $800 a piece, but you can’t say that they are overly complicated, right?



➝ source : big bend lounge chair via cast & crew

➝ source : 18″ bend basket via bendgoods

➝ source : bertoia side chair w/cushion via hive modern

➝ source : grid two shelf unit via oliver bonas

“when i was a kid my parents moved a lot, but i always found them.” // r. dangerfield

moving house is a funny thing.

there’s that really energizing moment when you’re going through the mountain of fragments that have clung to you as the years have gone by – that you start to see what’s really important.

what possessions mean to you, what they used to mean, and sometimes you find that what was once heavy with significance, is now a rather flimsy excuse for a piece of neglected junk. and so, you send them on their way to new homes, hoping that your things can be up-cycled; that you’re doing good for this giant marble, for gaia.*

but the real thorn in my side is that though i can see the merit in living in the minimal – akin to a monk; you then move into a new space and it ends up necessitating the bringing in of new things. and so the moment i think i’m done with it all  – just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in






➝ source : matégot trolly by gubi via nest

➝ source : seriously cereally bowl via house of rym

➝ source : the original jewel box by house doctor via royal design

➝ source : hai chair in charcoal via hem

*please note tongue firmly placed in cheek. would hate to have you think i use that sort of language IRL.

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