“rest and be thankful.” // w. wordsworth

oh, hi.

don’t pay me any mind – i’m just having a bit of a rest. oh, no – i’ll be fine, really – no need to make a fuss. just let me lie here in misery, surrounded by shredded packing paper and cardboard dust.

the sofa arrived, along with all of our earthly possessions – and it suddenly felt like this strange house was a bit closer to being home.

for now, the boxes can sit unopened for a bit longer, i’m just going to prop up some cushions and put up my feet – i’m in need of a rest.




➝ source : jennifer + smith zigzag cushion in ocean via the minimalist

➝ source : hold me tight cushion via bla bla kids

➝ source : triangle cushion via aura home

➝ source : circus cushions via OYOY living design (also available at bibelot & token!)


“the last night on maudlin street, goodbye house, goodbye stairs…” // s.p. morrissey

today, after weeks of whinging, is moving day.

it’s bittersweet and hectic, and the boxes are piled high – and i don’t have time to really think about all the infinite details of what went on in this little house, but i can say that it was mostly good to us – and occasionally not, but it saw me through house-training a puppy, floods in the basement, furnaces freezing out in february, and a baby girl being born in a hot july, in the middle of a garbage strike.

goodbye old, (literally! 1847ish!) house, it was lovely to have called you ours for the last seven years… onward we go. see you monday, when i’m not so cloyingly sentimental, or so thoroughly done with the sight of corrugated boxes.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.09.29 PM

my old front door. it was very stylish.

“the woods are lovely, dark and deep. but i have promises to keep, and miles to go before i sleep.” // r. frost

are you sensing a theme, here?

i’ve been telling anyone who has the misfortune of listening, that should moving again in the future become mandatory for any reason whatsoever, that the best thing to do would be to put me in cosy corner and just lightly induce a coma. medically supervised, of course. because, i just can’t.

we have reached roundhouse – defcon 3 levels. there are no clear surfaces, there are garbage bins filled to the brim with ephemera; those items that will no longer be finding a home with us, and finally – there is a layer of dust like a fine lanugo covering all floors, cuddling in corners and staking their claim to the house. we’ll be gone in two days.

until then, i will day-dream until the moment where i can a good night’s rest – one that doesn’t mean me sleeping on a mattress lying on the floor. yeah, we’ve ended up real classy up in here…



➝ source : chevron bed linen via aura

➝ source : hay colour-block linen via nest

➝ source : sprinkle bed linen via normann copenhagen

➝ source : BRZ sheet set via cb2

“i’ve been a minimalist my whole life, even if you wouldn’t know it from my office.” // n. degrasse tyson

in no way am i exaggerating when i say that my house is currently in a state of chaos – there is debris littered everywhere.

the debris of a life lived, a dog petted, and a child in the midst of being raised, is no clearer than when you’re trying to move those lives out of one home and into another.

needless to say, it’s been THE. WORST.

i hate ever having purchased anything, i loathe having had enough room in the basement to stow away all those things that i didn’t want to see/have room for anymore, and while i’m at it; the objection i feel toward my basement is pacified only by the knowledge that i will no longer have a basement.

before, it was all about the getting of stuff, whatever stuff it was that amused me at the time. bargain-bags, gewgaw (find a better word than that!) with little-to-non-existent meaning. let’s be really clear, over the years i’ve amassed more than quintuple my body-weight in bona-fide junk.

so, the take-away with this upcoming move – is not to buy more, it is to buy better and, with meaning. the other take away? is to never. move. again.


➝ source : cabinet via ferm living

➝ source : pendant light cord via color cord company

➝ source : wire bin in emerald via menu

➝ source : hot mesh counterstool via blu dot

“do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world.” // j. collins

what do you do when you have the smallest of existential crises?

i mean – mine, it wasn’t full on or anything – hyperbole and histrionics aren’t usually my thing.

my ‘usual thing’ is to let myself fester with a thought until it drives me to distraction – then i plumb forget about it. you see, it’s simple to talk myself out of doing something – getting up the bottle to do any one thing that gives me the slightest bit of excited-anxiety, scares me just enough to stall. stall until the engine light comes on and i’m hailing the first cab out of here.

this time though, i bit the bullet and took a straight line from point a and followed it directly to point b – and finally decided to do something i love – and with that, meet bibelot & token – my new online shop.

if you’ve been reading AWB for any length of time, (or just mistakenly arrived here), you’ll know that i like things; special, wonderful, and modern things. so i’ve opened a small, curated shop that carries a unique selection of curio, design & decor elements, and fabulous, all-natural skincare products, so that you too, could experience them and not just read about them.

this is just my way, of getting it out to the world… come visit?






➝ source : all items via me, at bibelot & token

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