“nothing happens until something moves.” // a. einstein

as of writing, it’s quarter to six on an early sunday evening, during which, has at most seen my teeth brushed, a cup of strong coffee imbibed, along with an oddly satisfying handful of sriracha coconut chips consumed; and at the very least, the clothes that i put on before bed last night, have also spent the entirety of the day on me.

i keep it classy.

these laziest days are both mostly wonderful and a smidge terrible.

i adore having a day that lies in front of us without obligation. no plans, no scheduled events, a calendar space completely devoid of entries. it’s slow and it’s familial – it’s music playing, movies watching, and dinners ordered in.

and then – at about this time, when the middle of the day arrives; when i’m overcome by an overwhelming need for sleep the moment my ass approaches a soft surface, is when a mild sense of guilt creeps in – the shoulda-woulda-couldas. and so i find myself some busywork to do – doing laundry, changing linen, and oh, is that a mirror i see before me? then the questions start.

why do i look so tired, so ashen, so dull? what has happened to my youth? what could i possibly put on my face to eradicate the sheer inertia of this day, this week, this life?






➝ source : advanced ‘a’ serum via arcona

➝ source : facial cleansing powder via rodin

➝ source : energetic eye cream via goldfaden md

➝ source : this works energy bank bath oil via net-a-porter

“i need more frugality. i wonder where i can buy some.” // j. kintz

if you were interested in knowing the winningest combination in saving a few dimes here and there – it is to make for certain that your current financial sitch is so complicated you’ll have no energy to keep digging your wallet out of your bag.

my recipe for saving success?

  1. start a business
  2. move house
  3. have eyes so glazed over from staring at a computer screen, that even window-shopping is too much

truth be told, no new item of clothing has crossed the threshold of my doorway in months. my penchant for nude lips and lined eyes has become less about finding what’s new, and instead i’ve realized a scenario where i now understand the lyric of ‘loving the one you’re with’. i know sephora misses me, but, i’ll be back – i’ll need shampoo eventually and even i know my limits – i’ll break in time.

if i had my druthers and was forced to choose a small haul of items that were currently nagging my itchy-fingers, it would be these little pretties i’d want to take home with me:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.58.09 PM

binchotan drjart tataharper

➝ source : shaba complex eye serum via drunk elephant

➝ source : binchotan facial cleansing mask via rikumo

➝ source : dr. jart dermaclear trans-foam clay in green via sephora

➝ source : volumizing lip & cheek tint in very nice via tata harper

“naked is the best disguise.” // j. winterson

if i kept true to myself, my very own version of nude would lean toward the rather pallid, a dull yellow with the faintest hint of bruise – and between you and me, that’s not a lip colour – that’s something you want to cover up with this year’s top rated concealer. (if you’re looking for a few options, i could let you in on a few of my favourites.)

the nude i covet, the sueded mauve that looks unlike any actual colour i’ve seen on any real life naked person, is the lip i’ve sought out for years now – it’s akin to my very own holy grail, (yes, i have two – this, and the liquid liner). now that i think about it, if i spent half as much time perfecting what i looked like – actually naked, as opposed to finding it, i’d just forego the lipstick all together.

oh, who am i kidding? no, i wouldn’t.


➝ source : lip parfait in amaretto swirl (girliest girly name… ever!) via laura mercier

➝ source : le rouge à porter in beige mousseline via givenchy beauty

➝ source : phyto lip-twist in nude via sisley paris

➝ source : sheen supreme in bare again via mac

“every day, in every way, i’m getting better and better.” // é. coué

i was under the very misguided notion that i would no longer have to whinge, albeit silently, inwardly, sadly – about the weather.

despite my optimism, as much as i wanted it to be done with – there has been a spate of days that i can only describe as excessively soupy. a cream-based soup that brings with it a fetor of what lies beneath manholes, and that certain something that has gone off in your refrigerator’s crisper – which my mother has renamed the rotter, and rightly so.

and you could, at this point be thinking – what does this have to do with the pretty, the momentarily frivolous and, very occasionally, informative? well – i can now testify that having gone through yet another summer, i feel like i’ve finally become proficient in the antis – those attributed to frizz, humidity, shine, and the infinitely sweaty.

it’s taken me long enough, but finally – i think i’ve cottoned on. until next summer.

alpha (2)

// sources : top to bottom, left to right //

➝ foil frizz & anti-static control spray via r+co

➝ hairdresser’s invisible oil heat/UV protective primer via bumble & bumble

➝ shine stopper via paula’s choice

➝ eucalyptus deodorant via malin+goetz

➝ calendula redness rescue calming mist via jurlique

➝ organic grape water via caudalie

“integrity reveals beauty.” // t. leonard

i don’t swear by many things. i delight in many swears, but that’s just for me to revel in.

things i find, can be far more easily explained away when they’re occasionally flaky, sporadically inconsistent and momentarily unpredictable. people too, can and will be all of these things at times – but when that happens it’s a bit more difficult to justify, saying – perhaps next time will be better.

so, what i do here from time to time, is offer my somewhat biased, yet wholly truthy word on what i’m currently finding to be at the tippy-top of their reliability game. truer still, is that this list can change from month to month or even from day to day – but on this day – i know the following to be true; i’m totally digging all of these… big time.





➝ source : foil frizz + control spray via r + co / my hair + 1209320% humidity + a sprit of foil = a 73% reduction in hair fog

➝ source : pretty easy liquid eyelining pen via clinique / no one is more surprised by this than me.

➝ source : agave lip mask in champagne via bite beauty / heals, softens – might be the perfect balm – in a shimmy nude. yup.

➝ source : 24K superiority complex texturizing paste via sally hershberger / i’ve been able to wear my hair down – two days in a row when using this – for me, that is a revelation.

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