“the pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” // a. einstein

it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if after all was said and done, in this pursuit of style and self, that in some quick quip, einstein again was the one who came up with the conclusive answer.

i’ve often averred that i’m not entirely superficial, and despite the predominant theme may, on the outside seem rather frivolous and a mite shallow – this daily exercise is a crumb more complex. or had you already guessed?

it’s a constant dance, between the id and the ego – distinguishing from your most basic needs, muddling through those, and converting them into who it is you really are. style is one small piece of that puzzle, fashion assists in that endeavor. it’s a dance that goes in circles; figuring out the steps is half the battle won…





➝ source : double-pearl ring in mint & silver via louise kragh

➝ source : eyelet detail panelled detail sweatshirt via aviù

➝ source : junya watanabe comme des garçons oversized dots skirt via farfetch

➝ source : maeva pearl velvet pumps via nicholas kirkwood

“it takes a long time to become young.” // p. picasso

the moppet turns six tomorrow.

despite the fact that i harbor all of the feels absolutely all of the time, i’m not one to make that very apparent here – this isn’t a mummy blog after all, (wait, is it?) yet, i couldn’t let this moment go by without contemplating the speed of time, on being a mum, and the complications of raising (and dressing), a six-year old girl.

well, let’s just concentrate on the dressing part.

if there was ever a time when i’m reminded of what it’s like to be truly young — it is when she opens her wardrobe and a buzz of abandon washes over her. i am reminded every morning, what it is like to be utterly unself-conscious; when my daughter come out of her room, with a look on her face that hollers – “”

and you know, she is.

it’s because she doesn’t care. she doesn’t notice her mismatched socks, or the red dress that has become a size too small from one season to the next; that the dress has been paired with what can only be called makeshift tie-dye leggings to boot. and as she peers into the bathroom mirror – deftly considering the placement of seven or so multi-coloured clips for her hair – i think, kid – you look nuts – but please, keep on doing it, for as long as you can.









➝ source : XO sunglasses via sons & daughters

➝ source : bangbang copenhagen jersey jumpsuit via fawn shoppe

➝ source : bunny purse via roxy marj

➝ source : polka dot oxfords via zuzii

“all children, except one, grow up.” // j.m. barrie

it’s not a complete fib when i say i don’t mind getting older.

i understand that what it comes down to – the nitty gritty of it all, is that it’s how you feel as opposed to how high the number climbs. it’s just that the number happens to be the only tangible part of this whole exercise. nevermind fine-lines or forgetting where the keys are.

though there are times when i feel as though everyone else my age is an actual adult – and i, whilst sniggering in the corner, is just in disguise. it’s the idea of dressing for one’s age that gives me the willies – not because i detest the stereotype of mum-jeans and sweater sets, but mostly because i believe it’s a rather archaic notion.

i can’t deny that like a little lost boy, i have a penchant for peter pan (collars) and all that might be kawaii; but getting older isn’t so bad. i mean, my kid can’t have froot loops for dinner, but i can — i’m a grown-up.








➝ source : lamé & brocade cape via a.w.a.k.e.

➝ source : peter pan collar dress via peter jensen

➝ source : comme des garçons girl gingham dress via farfetch

➝ source : 08sircus peter pan collar coat via barney’s

“real friendship is like fluorescence, it shines better when everything has darken.” // r. tagore

in being the walking and wildly gesticulating contradiction that i am, i can freely state that my favourite hues lie in polar opposition to each other.

on one side, in grand sweeping strokes, if it’s any shade of black or inky blue – chances are i’ll be drawn to it. but, on the other hand, i have this growing collection of non-related items in day-glo pinks, yellows and blues; it’s just that i find them so appealing, on their own, and in combination to – that i can’t help but add them into the mix. it’s never in any substantial sort of way, i don’t think i have the moxie to wear them boldly, but it’s almost as if i prefer to add fluro in like a little secret – that only if you’re paying close enough attention, will you be able to be brightened by my glow.








➝ source : illuminating multiple in quantum via christopher kane for nars

➝ source :CDG super fluo wallet via farfetch

➝ source : rebel romance bracelet via joomi lim

➝ source : sandals for roksanda via nicholas kirkwood

“find out who you are and do it on purpose.” // d. parton

inspired as i was – by the one and only leandra, and by my own ridiculous self as i dried my hair this morning, (upside-down, head in the tub, sweating as if i was taking a steam, exerting this strange energy only to lift my hair at the roots, as if the higher the hair, the closer to god). and really, all i was just trying to do was get some volume at the roots, (religious affiliations are better left to those who enjoy bacon a little less than i do.)

it used to be that i attempted the nigh impossible – to straighten a head of hair so fine, so massively curly, and expect it to stay, (good dog!) that way for more than an hour, in a deep august city swamp: it wasn’t going to happen. of course, it was a need to feel like someone totally unlike myself; a jumble of curls, a deep whirl of feelings, and a series of cursive incantations of teenage angst, rebellion, and like a record with a skip of WHY DOES HE NOT LIKE ME??? plus, my hair so completely betrayed the rude girl exterior i styled myself on.

and then one day, i had had enough. my right bicep was larger than my left for having used a blow-dryer to straighten my mane for so many years, i had so many products i was beginning to drown – and i just finally came to terms with who i was.

whether it was just about my hair, or becoming comfortable with who i was en masse – is not entirely the point, it’s just enough that i got there, while i still had some hair left on my head.







Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.33.56 AM

➝ source : phytodéfrisant botanical straightening balm via phyto

➝ source : thickening spray via bumble & bumble

➝ source : a rarity of a twofer, but Bb., just does my hair right, and this texture creme is a dream for matte definition

➝ source : this is an oil non oil via davines

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