“it seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. there are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.” // g. eliot

don’t be too quick to be fooled – mary anne evans knew of what she spoke – and called herself george so those who were prone to not take her seriously –would. and i, in turn, wouldn’t dream of taking her words lightly. so, if i were the wishing type, which i suppose i would call getting my hopes up – i’d be dropping hints all over the place so those keeping their ears to the ground wouldn’t have to guess to glean what i was longing for. it is, after all, a very valid point ms. evans made…





sense a theme? the heart wants what the heart wants…

→ source : all over triangle oversized cardigan via chinti & parker in collaboration with patternity

→ source : renee two-tone loafers via robert clergerie

→ source : oversized black sunglasses via linda farrow

→ source : swoon-worthy ‘these same stars’ silk scarf via rob ryan and available at etsy

published first in november 2013.

“you may have the universe if i may have italy” // g. verdi

so, i have a question.

in terms of those who enjoy the fashion, am i alone in the thought that milan is, very possibly, the best of the lot?

of course, each metropolis has its strengths: in need of everyday sportswear with a dash of weird? head to NYC. if it’s puffed-up colour, a bit of grit and eccentricity you’re in need of – do not pass go, head directly to london.

paris – i can’t deny it, is tailored, dramatic, and cigarette-smoke-filtered loveliness – you can’t turn your nose up at a city that can offer un grand crème and dries van noten in the same day. [he’s belgian, i know – but shows in paris, so, it works.]

but then, there’s milan.

what will you find there? colour, fine tailoring, prestige, and when you need it, (and i do), intense quirk.

you’ll also find, after all is said and done –  luini panzerotti, where if you can’t afford anything more than to look at the clothes, you can pick up two perfect cheesy pockets of wonder and everything else sort of fades away… except of course, for the memory of the wonderful clothes.


clockwise starting at top left :

marni // fendi // giamba // stella jean // prada

all photos via


“even the most fickle are faithful to a few bad habits.” // m. cooley

in terms of love and friendship, i am as loyal and immovable as a mountain range – even if you’d prefer me to move an inch, i probably won’t budge – that’s how much i’m going to love you. (it’s light and breezy, i swear.)

however, in terms of the contents of my medicine cabinet, (which i do not actually have, but seemed necessary to include in terms of this little treatise); i’m as capricious as a four-year old child confronted with an ice-cream shop with more than 31 flavours.

i’ve got powders, balms, and sprays galore. let’s not overlook all the shadows, brighteners, creams, and a stash of blush that could dye an iceberg into a rose-bush. so, while i continue suppressing the memory of purchases past and left unused – there are those items that i covet with such intensity, you couldn’t get me to use something else, no matter how much you begged, bribed, or enticed.

i will not be swayed.








➝ source : TLC framboos glycolic serum via drunk elephant / i haven’t complained about my skin in weeks, this is the reason why.

➝ source : modster liquid eyeliner via ardency inn / i’ve tried all the liquid liners. ALL of them. for now, this is the go-to.

➝ source : scent edp via costume national / have worn this scent for over 20 years. people get upset if i’m they can’t smell it on me.

➝ source : dry texturizing spray via oribe / if i’ve said it once, i’ve said it a squijillion times. oomph for days.

“of the seven deadly sins, lust is definitely the pick of the litter.” // t. robbins

if i’m heading toward sin, the usual suspects, much to my chagrin, fall into either column a : gluttony, or column b: sloth.

since these things usually do come in pairs, let’s try and keep it together and not roll our eyes too far back into our heads – it’s no surprise that these two are holding hands and making out like a couple of pimply teenagers; they’re not like chalk and cheese, they’re meant to be.

seeing as this is the case, when another mortal sin enters stage left, i’m more than willing to let it run its course. this does not mean i’m going to submit so easily, some work needs to be done before i give in; but you can’t deny – a little bit of lust does make the blood rush, the face flush, and reminds you that, OH! how wonderful it is to be alive…





➝ source : dutchess two-tone sunglasses via preen by thornton bregazzi

➝ source : short sleeve dress with appliqués via carven

➝ source : diamond flip ring via tilda biehn

➝ source : sacai open vamp platforms via lane crawford

“the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” // e. roosevelt

i don’t get nearly as wrapped up in the collections as i used to, but that’s not to say i don’t get a thrill from them.

i find it all rather intoxicating – the speed at which fashion travels, the psychic abilities of designers to see into what may be, and to foretell our wardrobes’ fates. i scan through the photos now, as i would a microfiche (do those even exist still? sigh, i’m oldish), trying to decipher the meaning of that hemline, the significance of that sheer bodice, the context of that slash of fabric on the hip. it’s such an alluring almanac – looking into the future and seeing who we may decide to be; and that right there is what i believe to be the purest power of style.

who do you want to be today, tomorrow, or a year from now? me? i’d be any and all of these girls.







[all photos courtesy of style dot com]

➝ source : suno

➝ source : rodebjer

➝ source : marc jacobs

➝ source : delpozo


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