“it is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.” // d. adams

the fall of dominoes that begins with a spark to synapse, to a random thought, to a pared down idea, to when my fingers start hitting the keys is nothing more or less than four seconds and downright bemusing.

i’m not even sure how i ended up here, but i had an image of a potato – reminisced about the last time i ate a bit of gloriousness that is a lump of mashed potato; which then lead me here – the scalloped detail.

much like the ruffle, (which also, is another potato issue), a scallop’s never done much for me.* of course it’s too girlish, a mite twee; not at all laced with a hard enough edge for me to trip and fall over.

i suppose if i were able to put down the potato-thoughts for just a moment, i’d see the inherent seductiveness, in the smallest of doses, in these little clefts of fabric and pattern.


carven redvalentino saintlaurent

➝ source : scalloped trim top via victoria / victoria beckham

➝ source : carven scalloped wrap skirt via farfetch

➝ source : scalloped detail tech dress via red valentino

➝ source : ‘babies’ sandal via saint laurent

*(a bag of ruffles, on the other hand, is an entirely different story.)

“a wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. i think, i too, have known autumn too long.” // e.e. cummings

it feels as if as soon as the chill swept in, there was ushered in the sartorial equivalent of planting spring in cement.

i understand, it’s difficult to say goodbye, it’s hard to break course from sunshine and temps that keep us dressed in summer dresses and bare legs to nubby coats, woolen snoods that keep noses from icebergs, cashmere boy-shorts worn over cotton fleece tights, to socks over those, to mitts, to toques, to scarves, to… oh my.

i get it.

but think of the entrance you could make – layers for miles could unearth an eternal spring.

there’s no snow-cover, we’ve only had one day under 0°C, and most days are spent indoors. wear what you will; florals, bare legs, flats – no matter the weather, you can always wear something over/under.








➝ source : leather appliqué overcoat via delpozo

➝ source : embroidered check top via scanlon theodore

➝ source : fendi orchid print skirt via farfetch

➝ source : belgravia ballerinas via aquazzura

“in seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.” // w. cronkite

to wax poetic for a moment, aren’t we, as people – all just rather tall tales with twofold sides?

i’d aver a few of us have a few more sides than two and within us all lies a sybil – variety is the spice of life, so the more the merrier, let’s invite all our cohorts along for the ride. it’ll be a gas.

the thing is – i’ve always felt that as hard as nails as i’d like to come across, the crepe-soled creepers and black all the way down to my sturdiest foundation garments – the skirts and dresses that i exclusively wear, give way to the truth – that i’m actually as soft as down – and it’s not even that hard to figure it out. it’s the flip of a coin, it’s jekyl and mr. hyde, it’s girlish mod on one side, and punk on the other.

it’s giambattista valli and haider ackermann.


top row // giambattista valli

bottom row // haider ackermann

photos via vogue

“i never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleats: it was the girls i liked.” // d. bailey

there is a decided lack of tailoring in amongst the contents of my wardrobe.

there is not a piece to be considered bodycon, not one example of a garment cut on the bias, and there is nothing sharply bespoke or tailored in there. even any such blazers i own, are oversized and rather ovoid in shape. truth be told, in terms of geometry – the brunt of my clothes are rectangular in shape, with rounded corners. potato sacks in the form of frocks.

i don’t do well by austerity – rigid lines and constricting clasps, buttons and ties, make me fidget, pull and shift in my seat. so, i avoid contact, leaning instead on oversized, forgiving and soft. my hips appreciate it, but so does my peace of mind.

if there were to be some middle ground to be found, between the donning of a tarp and the confines of a bandage – it would hide within the creases of the magnanimous pleat – where else could one hide a multitude of sins, but rest assured that they would all be hidden therein?


l'agence missoni


➝ source : windparka dress via mary katrantzou x adidas originals

➝ source : l’agence floral embroidery pleated top via farfetch

➝ source : signature pleated zig zag skirt via missoni

➝ source : asymmetric pleated dress by issey miyake

“disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.” // h.d. thoreau

i do not have an issue with authority. i promise, even after you read this, i can assure you that i am a law-abiding, rule-obeying, fine citizen and good samaritan.

however, i do tend to flinch when i’m given input, sans solicitation, on what i should do.

to me, being told what to do without some provocation, is the equivalent of being told that i what i do, is plumb wrong. and i know that that’s a rather large leap to make for a girl who wears such clunky shoes, but bear with me, i’ve always lived with a pinch of hyperbole attached to my idiosyncrasies.

to that end, on this very day, this post-labour-day-let-down – i say, when it comes to putting one leg (and then the other), into a a pair of pants – let them be whatever colour you so desire. let them be pristine white, ivory, bone or alabaster. may they be day-glo, turquoise, liberty print, or as dull as mud. i may not heed my own advice on the wearing of white, but trust that i’ll have no issue donning black and blue or others throwing on pink and red. when it comes to wearing what you want, don’t listen to any rules – you do whatever you please. you won’t get any grief, i promise.






➝ source : kent shoulder bag via proenza schouler

➝ source : cherokee coat via humanoid

➝ source : drop earrings (circa 2012) via dries van noten

➝ source : msgm star t-shirt dress via farfetch

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