“fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” // c. herrera

i had one of those obnoxiously clichéd moments the other night while getting dressed to go out.

there, in front me, hung my entire wardrobe – and over the course of roughly fourteen minutes, i put on, changed out of, then tried on again – three different combinations of the what invariably ended up being the exact same outfit. top, middle, bottom – all black, roughly all cut of the same proportions; the only thing that was different that night was my frame of mind. i was just having one of those stereotypically girlish – i have nothing to wear! – moments.

when all was said and done, and the emotional upheaval that had occurred passed me by, i had to laugh. because, really – no one would notice if i was an outfit repeater. no one bat an eyelash if i chose to wear the same thing from one day to the next. the reason being – everything i wear basically looks the same. the formula of my choices are uniform. the plot twist exists in how i, (and you) – choose to put those ideas together. then, repeat.


co neilbarrett robertclergerie

➝ source : a city of mirages necklace via bjørg

➝ source : co. ribbed wool & cashmere oversized sweater via net-a-porter

➝ source : neil barrett pop art star skirt via farfetch

➝ source : irma platform combat boots via robert clergerie


November 5, 2015

“people are strange when you’re a stranger, faces look ugly when you’re alone; women seem wicked when you’re unwanted, streets are uneven when you’re down.” // j. morrison

in this eternal fumble toward some small bit of existential harmony, there will be those moments when, both figuratively and literally, we will trip, take a massive spill and land unceremoniously on our asses. it’ll look as good as it feels.

as such – i might as well be splayed on the sidewalk with holes ripped into bloodied knees, lamenting the sun in my eye, the gruff dude who failed etiquette class, and because the sidewalk cement was uneven – my toe caught and i was gone.

eventually, i’ll find my footing – the kinks will steam out, the wrinkles will get ironed, and the pavements repaved smooth; until then, i’ll watch my step and make sure my buttons are done up evenly.

loewe marni


➝ source : agnona asymmetric cape coat via farfetch

➝ source : long asymmetric shirt via loewe

➝ source : bi-coloured asymmetric skirt via marni

➝ source : asymmetric paneled dress via anrealage

“ice burns, and it is hard to the warm-skinned to distinguish one sensation, fire, from the other, frost.” // a.s. byatt

there’s always a first time.

today, it was that initial moment when i realized that it was the inaugural hour, of the inaugural day of it actually being cold out. it was the drawing in of the shoulders and using my hands to keep my collar up; of wondering where the hell my gloves were, and in deciding that perhaps it was time to invest in my yearly cache of opaque black tights. six pair for four months – (it’s like the survival of the fittest over here from november through march).

and so, i lugged out, (let’s be honest), the trash bag of cold-weather gear and got ready for the impending freeze. i’m not so distraught – it’s a big bag and being warm looks so good.





➝ source : yves salomon ribbed fingerless gloves via farfetch

➝ source : nordic heater via fjällräven

➝ source : woven pashmina shawl via the elder statesman

➝ source : hug (it’s called hug!) via humanoid

“the state of minds vary according to the angle under which one examines them.” // e. maillart

when confronted with solid lines, points, hard angles, surfaces and curves – whether architectural, decorative, or in regard to our interiors, i’m full-on smitten. it’s the same with textiles and how those are made into the clever little pieces that juxtapose the trajectory of our bodies in a way that fortifies our forms in a way that impels others to look at our angles and corners from altering perspectives. it’s my forever long-winded way of saying that perspective is everything – and the angles from which we see and are seen – will make us look different. that’s just a bit of mathematical magic.





➝ source : 123 5. by issey miyake geometric shopping tote via farfetch

➝ source : three-quarter sleeve paneled dress via tsumori chisato

➝ source : bow detail dress via msgm

➝ source : roksanda baby doll silk dress via browns

“it’s all been satirized for your protection.”  // b. maher

a very interesting, (interesting to me at least), thought just dawned on me.

that being, that when the mercury rises and then subsequently lowers; the way one dresses, will convey their most intimately desired level of self-protection.

when the heat becomes cumbersome and glows red at the tippy-top of the thermometer – one will undress just up to that very point where they feel at their safest. baring midriffs, thighs and bare arms, oh my! isn’t always about those who can ‘afford to’, but to those who feel most comfortable doing so. under the aegis of what we wear or do not wear, we’re also declaring, to a certain extent, our degree of mettle.

where it becomes a bit more interesting, (again, to perhaps only me) – is that if you take one look at what has been suggested for when the temperature drops – that aforementioned mettle needs to be bolstered. it all looks like we need to prepare for battle; imbued with a drop of the medieval, burnished golds, gradients of blood red, fabrics as lustrous as swords.

these clothes look like they’re primed for conflict. against what? i’d aver a windchill.

it’s fine by me – this is perfect armor.







➝ source : spencer officer peak front jacket via saint laurent

➝ source : dondup metallic strip t-shirt via farfetch

➝ source : flared gradient skirt via sybilla

➝ source : winter show gold boots via stella mccartney

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