“happiness is an inside job.” // w.a. ward

and so it goes, that roughly twelve to fourteen months pass by and in a constant whirl of day and night, night and day, school runs, and inventory buys, that i find myself sitting here, on a grey, and about-to-be unspeakably snowy day, and the interwebs knits itself larger and larger, and down i go, into the furthest reaches of virtual bliss. and no, it’s not that, because, ew, but of course it finds things to show me, and the wants set in.

to my credit, i haven’t purchased a personal item beyond the very necessary for as long as i can remember. there have been no new clothes, no new shoes, barring the one pair i needed for a holiday party, because to be perfectly honest, i had only scuffed creepers and worn plimsolls to my name – and those wouldn’t quite cut it. and so, what is it that i naturally gravitate to, what is it that i find most compelling? of course, it’s that one thing i can hide all my other things in.

sometimes i wish i was a shoe-girl, but then i remember they’re not worth the grief. i like that i can hide a little happiness-to-spare found in the bag i throw across my shoulder, day in and day out.


pierre hardy Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.42.49 AM

➝ source : rockstud crossbody via valentino

➝ source : saddle bag via coach

➝ source : pierre hardy ‘alpha’ crossbody bag via farfetch

➝ source : pod bag via marni

“without valentine’s day, february would be… well, january.” // j. gaffigan

i have a lot of love to give.

sometimes i think i need to reign it in a bit –  i’m fairly certain i can be a mite overwhelming on occasion. that’s okay, i’m self-aware enough to know when to get and give some air.

but you know what? the level affection i feel, the reserves i keep stored up, wane, in the smallest of increments as we lead up to february 14th. i don’t feel love less, i just get irked with the en masse bursts of chocolate covered romance, red roses on repeat, and the cloyingly sweet incantations on love.

and yes, i know how this might come off. it’s jaded, cynical, i’m probably a misanthrope. fine, i may be two out of three, but not on the topic of love. i just really hope that everyone gets to feel loved on all days of the year, and it doesn’t just get lumped in on one cold day in winter with a drugstore teddy-bear and a box of chocolates wrapped in catchpenny red ribbon.

sonia rykiel




➝ source : crystal lip pin via sonia ryiel

➝ source : vivetta ruffled shirt dress via farfetch

➝ source : mini lia crossbody bag via alexander wang

➝ source : laurence dacade sandals via shoescribe


January 25, 2016

“every cloud has its silver lining but it is sometimes a little difficult to get it to the mint.” // d. marquis

name one thing bleaker than the last week of january.

yeah, i didn’t think you could.

winter has settled into its four month stretch – the holidays have become a hazy recollection of cheer and boozy-steeped mirth; and spring seems a world away, whilst wrapped up in scarves and a hat pulled so far down your forehead, mascara becomes persona non grata and finds itself running high.

i know february doesn’t boast much, albeit candy hearts and chocolate in the shape of romance – but, i suppose february needs that much to get it through those 28 days, even worse this time around, because of that extra day.

for now, i’ll take solace in the silver lining of the now. hot coffee, quiet evenings, enormous sweaters; and the shiny promise of what’s to come.

clare vivier loewe tods zucca

➝ source : lizzie wallet via clare vivier

➝ source : t-pouch via loewe

➝ source : tod’s mask crossbody via farfetch

➝ source : zucca fold-over knapsack

“every woman should have a purse of her own.” // s.b. anthony

there’s always something to carry.

there are groceries to haul, the girl’s lunch to tote; my wallet is a continental – so named as it spans the distance of a small country within the one i currently reside; and that too, needs a hand.

i’m one of those – one of those who adds insult to injury you could say, wherein the bag i currently carry, acts as mother doll to a nesting set of matryoshkas. the contents then put into smaller versions of themselves – my bag is the very definition of meta. they reference each other, with a wink and a nod; a bag within a bag, within a bag. you go on and tell two friends and let’s see where this all ends up.

that’s why, whenever i take a shine for another – it’s not the more the merrier, but go big or go home.





➝ source : bianca crossbody bag via 3.1 philip lim

➝ source : roger mello print pvc bag via marni

➝ source : top handle tote via prada

➝ source : paco tote via jerome dreyfuss

“to make a living, craftiness is better than learnedness.” // p.a. caron de beaumarchais

i’ve got a crafty sort of kid.

it’s mandated that i stockpile all toilet and paper towel rolls, cardboard stay-flats that come with every delivery of stock for the main gig are kept in a not-so orderly stack under her desk. there are the teensiest shreds of paper and all sorts and sundry of card-stock hidden under every sofa, side chair, and corner of the house; of course, we can’t discount the dog hair, glitter, and general detritus of living. hello, my most epic of dust bunnies.

i love that my kid has ideas, an imagination that won’t quit, and tells a mean joke. i love that she’s found a use for the dozens of rolls of washi tape i cannot help but to keep buying. i love it. i don’t share her love of cutting things up, making scraps; of gluing fingers together or of colouring until the markers bleed through; but i wouldn’t dare let that stop her.

my craftiness lies in more organized pursuits – wrapping gifts, doing whatever it is i do here and then there’s having a rather acute appreciation of clothes that may or may not look like my kid might’ve coloured and cut those up as well.

baobao isseymiyake





➝ source : bao bao issey miyake geometric pattern tote via farfetch

➝ source : colour block fringe top via msgm

➝ source : mineral skinny jeans via kenzo

➝ source : couple jersey dress via henrik vibskov


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