“take, if you must, this little bag of dreams, unloose the cord, and they will wrap you round.” // w.b. yeats

what is it that they say? t’is the season – that’s it, right?

the holiday parties, both personal and corporate – the onslaught has begun, and truth be known, i don’t mind.

my list of fêtes is rather short, mostly because i’ve chosen to opt out, but once a year, it’s rather a gas to turn on the charm, put on the varnish, gloss myself up and head out the door to a party whose numbers top out somewhere near the 600 mark. it’s fun to turn the volume up to 11, to be the shiniest, most charmingest version of yourself, and become fizzy with wit. i’m pretty good at it.

of course, the dress-code is rather open to interpretation – and i’ll forever side with my version of black-tie-light, be sure to put comfort first, wear a black dress, have my accessories do most of the heavy lifitng, and make my clutch the belle of the ball.


christopherkane fendi

➝ source : givenchy bead embellished clutch via net-a-porter

➝ source : zipped pouch clutch via christopher kane

➝ source : bag bugs clutch via fendi

➝ source : silk satin clutch via the row

“…we monogram our linen, we carve our names on trees, we scrawl them on washroom walls. it’s all the same impulse. what do we hope from it? applause, envy, respect? or simply attention, of any kind we can get? // m. atwood

if ever there was anything that radiated sophistication to the nth degree to me, it would be three simple letters stitched into fabric. a B, a J, and a G that somehow would, to the outside, encapsulate the very essence of me. but let’s be clear, the gist of me is rather easy to see – big hair, big shoes, head-to-toe black.

the monogram – quieter than pattern sewn into fabric, but obvious in its innate elegance, poise; it’s pronounced refinement – it speaks as loudly as bombs – bombs with ankles crossed, skirt to the knees, pumps tasteful and hair done.

perhaps that’s where i stumble with a monogram – as its not a matter of no and not-ever as opposed to a matter of not-yet? perhaps my three little letters aren’t ready just yet to be toted around town for everyone to see?

sleepyjonesmodaoperandi edieparker smythson clarevivier

➝ source : sleepy jones men’s pajamas exclusive to moda operandi

➝ source : the jean clutch, with my name lit up in lights, via edie parker

➝ source : blah blah notebook via smythson

➝ source : jewelry pouch via clare vivier

“it has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” // a.c. doyle

a bit like stacks on stacks, i’m also a rather firm supporter of things in other things.

rather like a matryoshka, i’m keen on keeping the contents of my life in an order that descends from large to extra small. my bags are of considerable size, and yet within them you will find in declining sizes, but yet in totally chaotic states – folios, zippered pouches, snapped card-cases, and indestructible cellulose sacs that have taken on more battering than could be deemed appropriate for an accessory to bear. i’m organized to the point of being utterly muddled. i know i have everything at my disposal, i’m just not entirely sure which one of the many little carryalls holds the item i may be in search of.

i feel like this might serve as some bit of insight into my psyche.

let’s not dwell on it, let’s just continue on in my continued charm in all things you can put in much smaller things.



nahewrongforhay x bibelot token x aweebitskint

➝ source : tsumori chisato cosmic sprout make-up bag via farfetch

➝ source : two-tone leather card holders via danielle wright

➝ source : nahe general purpose case via stationery soup

➝ source : wrong for hay dot wash bag via bibelot & token

“he who would travel happily must travel light.” // a. de saint-exupéry

i don’t tend to pack light – not on holiday or on the daily.

the proof is in the pudding – if the pudding happens to be my right shoulder; the one that slopes at an angle, ironically making me thankful for straps on all sorts of bags and totes. it’s a downward cycle of buckets, satchels, and shoppers – in all sorts of colors, textiles and pockets – oh, the pockets. the ones i stuff to overflowing with flotsam and jetsam, balms and receipts, hairbands and sparkly clips, the ones that my daughter has grown weary of wearing, parking tickets from 2013; and random coins from countries i haven’t visited since at least 2007.

what can i say? i carry a lot of stuff, and maybe i should clean out my bags a bit more often?



➝ source : jennifer shoulder bag via tom ford

➝ source : plath printed matte satin & leather clutch via mcq

➝ source : devon shoulder bag in rifle green via boyy  [i need to make this mine.]

➝ source : raymond shoulder bag via jérôme dreyfuss

“i have a very poor record at multiple choice questions.” // j. irving

much like the theory of multiple intelligences* i believe there is value, beyond the monetary, in accumulating those basic necessities in multiples – or even occasionally, in bulk.

who buys one pair of socks at a go, or one measly pair of boy-shorts when we all know they’re either all down to their last vestiges of elastic waist or in pristine condition – there is no middle ground. and if you’re in the market for the perfectly plain white tee, you know it’s rather unwise to buy just one, as you’ll probably be tempting fate – and your favourite brand will then discontinue your most perfect fit, and then what will you have? one ripped at the seams tee, with a red-wine stain that looks eerily similar to gorby’s birthmark.

me? i go in for multiples of – (please, spare me the soapbox – i know it’s all sorts of gross), american apparel interlock pencil skirts, bensimon plimsolls in carbon, though they’ve become exceptionally difficult to source in north america, and well, i don’t mean to buy them in costco amounts, but it always seems to be that when one new nude lip colour comes out, eight more follow suit.

then, there are those larger ticket items, that if i had my druthers, i’m bound to be decked out in them – wrists from up to down, layers of chains around my neck, and then a baker’s dozen of handbags to keep them all safe and sound.

ginette louisekragh

mansurgavriel marni




*read: absolutely nothing like it AT ALL.

➝ source : ceramic with gold tv bangle via ginette

➝ source : string pearl bracelet via louise kragh [coming soon to bibelot & token!]

➝ source : crossbody bag via mansur gavriel

➝ source : boite clutch via marni

➝ source : lost coin necklace via scosha

➝ source : ann demeulemeester glass lens pendant via farfetch


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