“she wore too much eyeliner then, at age thirteen, and now, at eighteen, she wears so much black under her eyes, she looks like a slutty linebacker raccoon.” // a.s. king

in high school, i’d make like siouxsie sioux. no finesse, not an ounce of try, just flawless teenaged angst.

my eyes would look as dark as the cure, and as deep as depeche mode. with some bit of irony, it made me happy. my eyes – the darker, the kohl-ier, were all the better. later, i’d be björk-lite – little dots by the outer corners of my eyes. i could go along with some part of whimsy, too, you know. it wasn’t all doom and gloom, i just looked the part for a while.

as time has gone on, i can’t say i’ve traveled far from the black lined eye. it’s changed some, a little finesse has been added to the mix, the lines are more defined, the flick at the outer corners a little less pointy. i suppose age has softened me some – but let’s be honest, i don’t want to scare the other first graders in my daughters class, and more to the point, it all goes a little bit pear-shaped and smudged by roughly 2pm. but if i could, for just an afternoon, i’d make a run to the grocery store with wings as big as hummingbirds with crystals attached; just for fun.

Anthony Vaccarello


Marc Jacobs

Dries van noten

top to bottom // beauty looks from:

 anthony vaccarello / burberry / marc jacobs / dries van noten

photos via vogue.com


“and let’s be red with mirth.” // shakespeare

oh, the joy.

it’s not enough that i have to monitor my hairline for that halo of grey that creeps in every 42 days, my eyes for the landing of crows; and my chin for errant hairs that foretells a future that begs for the sweet release of eternal sleep, or barring that, an industrial strength laser at my bedside.

but now? now – i have to deal with the reality of a rosy glow amped up to 14 on the dial – a rosy glow that becomes electric light without any provocation and burns red with a fiery heat.

i didn’t need the derm to tell me that i had rosacea, i just wanted some small bit of justification for the products that i had already begun to use; those in tandem with the regimen that had previously taken me roughly 10 years to perfect.

oh, i can tell that the next phase of life is going to be a gas. strap yourselves in, kids – it’s going to get bumpy.

kate somerville peter thomas roth skinceuticals

first aid beauty

➝ source : exfolikate cleanser via kate somerville

➝ source : un-wrinkle peel pads via peter thomas roth

➝ source : epidermal repair via skinceuticals

➝ source : ultra repair liquid recovery via first aid beauty

“hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground.

hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices.” // s. alexander

i had my hair cut yesterday.

it’s not something i like to talk about and it’s not something that gives me much pleasure; i do it because i have to. so twice a year, before the freeze sets in and then again before summer approaches, i give myself over to those who have no clue what it is i’m trying to do or say – with my hair.

some of you are rather eloquent; your hair is long and loose, a cascade of waves – like, a breeze in mid-may. or it hangs like a sheet of glass, razor sharp and straight as an arrow. or, you tie it up in a laid-back topknot, and you’re the girl who’s low-maintenance, relaxed, and only have low-grade drama in your life; parking tickets and sometimes your friends laugh how you can be in your head a bit. it’s not annoying, it’s cute – and then i roll my eyes so far into my head i worry they’ll get stuck.

me? i’m a tangled mess. i don’t brush my hair… on purpose. when i wash it, it’s with products that add grit, as opposed to softness and shine. the water makes it clean, the suds i use, do not. i don’t want you to be able to run your hands through it. i’d rather it look dry and unruly.

so. you can understand my irritation with the person and the scissors they wield – who only see me as a head of hair, and not my hair as an extension of myself. now, if my therapist could trim hair – then, perhaps my hair would be closer to my truth.






➝ source : surfcomber tousled texture mousse via oribe

➝ source : bb. texture undressing creme via bumble & bumble

➝ source : sachajuna volume powder via b-glowing

➝ source : 24k superiority complex paste via sally hershberger

“brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.” // e. musk

if i were as superficial as i’ve alleged myself to be over the last nine years or so, i’d be surrounded by a literal embankment of products whose covers were gorgeous, yet whose contents had cemented over ages of disuse.

luckily, i have a modicum of self-restraint, and actually relish using products that actually, you know, work – no matter what sort of packaging they come in.

however, would it be my will to pick up what-have-you and sundry that looked good enough to frame – could you really blame me, just look at these little bottles of monochrome joy.



Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.20.39 PM



➝ source : milk anti-frizz nourishing treatment via reverie

➝ source : super facial serum via verso

➝ source : balm via olio e osso

➝ source : serum via somme institute

“behave so the aroma of your actions may enhance the general sweetness of the atmosphere.” // h.d. thoreau

i wear perfume everyday. the same one, i think, for almost twenty years.

it’s been so long, i can’t even sense the scent of it anymore. i feel naked without it, but i could put it on and forget about it just a moment later. i have to ask the husband to sniff my wrist to make for certain whether i’ve sprayed it on or not. i can’t smell it, but i don’t want others to have to drown in it.

then there are the scents that are unlike the others; the daily, the usual, the morning coffee, the wet dog after a rainy day, dinner, and the girl after a shower. gorgeous, familiar – like a little bit of life carried through the air, an incense burning and the smoke – it’s filled with memories.

and then – there are those scents that serve a definitive purpose – those are the ones i lack a connection with. yet, if it was as simple as a spritz and a whiff to whip myself into action, simmer to sleep, or centre myself enough so that i can stop feeling as fizzy as a firecracker, there’s no question, that i’ll give it a go.

neom tataharper

aesop Vitruvi-Sleep-Mist

➝ source : intensive stress relief treatment via neom

➝ source : aromatic irritability treatment via tata harper

➝ source : anouk oil burner blend via aesop

➝ source : vitruvi sleep face & body mist coming soon to bibelot & token

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